#EndSARS: Starting a war is very easy but ending it is very difficult- Abiodun Morakinyo


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Actor, Evang. Abiodun Morakinyo has added his voice to millions of Nigerians on the ongoing #EndSARS protest across the nation, stating that it is very easy to start a war but very difficult to put it to an end.

The actor charged youths via his write up today, saying what is the benefit of burning, destruction and looting.

Morakz as called by colleagues narrated a story of ESA-Oke students who were on rampage sometimes ago and went straight to Bola Ige’s House chanting Aluta songs, that they are going to kill him and burn his house, that he was part of the problems Nigeria was having and fortunately for them they met him at home and the following was what transpired between them as they forced themselves in, Gospel Film News learnt.

According to Morakinyo, Bola Ige said in Yoruba ” My children if you insist on killing me and burning down my house, I wouldn’t mind but let me tell you a brief story about Antelope and other animals

“Sometimes ago Antelope took ill and was about to die, he sought for help from other animals so that he won’t die, they ignored him and eventually the Antelope died, after his death other animals in the kingdom didn’t move near the Antelope’s carcass, because of hatred they left him to decay.

“Days after Antelope’s death, an hunter was passing bye, he saw Antelope’s body and remove the skin to make a bow and also its bone, to make an arrow, he was now using the bow and arrow he made from Antelope’s carcass to hunt other animals.

“The Antelope now sat at the gate of heaven to challenge the spirit of other animals being killed by the hunter saying didn’t I warned you not to let me die? now that am dead, the hunter is using what he got from my body to hunt you, my skin and my bones is what the hunter is now using to kill you now. It was then that the other animals now realised how important it was to have kept Antelope alive,” he said.

Bola Ige further stressed that “my children, if you kill me now and burn down my properties, of what importance is it to ur aggitations?” Morakinyo revealed that the story hit the students and they desisted from their initial plans.

Addressing Youths as ‘Compatriots,’ Morakinyo said this is not a matter of APC/PDP, saying Elderly ones were begging Youths to stop burning and looting properties, but they thought the Elderly ones are being partisan, but it is taking toll on private individuals now, that even Police afraid to near them because of fear that they could be lynched.

He finally prayed that God Almighty should put an end to this, adding that it’s a big lesson for all and if you know how to ignite a war, you might not know how to quench it.

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