#Endsars: Physical protest is a manifestation of spiritual heart Cry- Seun Adejumobi



By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Train movie lead Actor and president of Fruitbearers Film Production, Evang. Seun Adejumobi has join millions of Nigeria Youths protesting against Special Anti Robbery Squard, SARS and bad governance in Nigeria.

Adejumobi who recently joined a prayer walk in Ogun State, Nigeria disclosed in an exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News that physical protest is a manifestation of spiritual heart cry.

The actor confidently stated that the protest Nationwide is already a success because God is doing Beyond EndSars already, adding that Nigeria is going through great Shaken, what’s going on now is beyond the Physical, God is about to do something even more, and there’s great a Rising of Great Revival.

Adejumobi who preffered to go spiritual on the mater said he joined the protest because while people go on the street to call on government, the Children of God also must step out to call on the greatest Authority, speak positive and confess the greatness of the nation, Nigeria.

“So going Spiritual is very Essential at this Moment. When the Physical protest is a Manifestation of Spiritual heart Cry and everything all together is just working together for the good of our Land as we speak. So we need Both. Nigeria must work in our generation!

“I personal believe the Protest is not against the Police but a Cry for good governance, so when we have good government established then admitting and recruiting competent Police will not be compromised. Psychological and all Professional Training they need will not be compromised, their Welfare will not be compromised. So let’s have good governance first and Police Sector will work,” he stressed.

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