By Segun Badejo 

This morning I woke up with a heavy burden in my heart. So I got up early to seek God in the place of worship. Then I had the conviction of sharing this with you reading this write up. Though the release of Diary of a Drama Missionary is every Wednesday but I believe God is breaking the protocol in order to reach out to you as you read this piece. I will tell you about an incident that happened sometimes ago and I’m sure it’ll bless your life.

Several years ago, I got so busy in the work of God and had no time to rest. I ministered in vigil for several days yet not resting, then it happened. I had heart problem. It was terrible. My heart was so affected that when it beats, you can see it as it pushed the rib. I felt as if a mountain was on my chest. It was as if the end had come. I visited a hospital and several tests were conducted yet nothing was detected. Then I was given some tablets and referred to a specialist with a special machine in Ibadan. I went there and when I heard the price of the test, my heart sank because i knew as a full time minister, I couldn’t afford it.

The tiny tablets given to me in the hospital was to relieve the pressure on my heart but it had a terrible side effect. Excruciating headache. Whenever I use it, my heart would be relieved but terrible headache will follow and I’ll hold my head in pains. One day i became desperate in Gods presence. I asked Him how possible is it to do missions in such a condition. So I packed all the drugs and flushed them down the toilet. I asked God to either heal me or take me home. I started confessing healing and using the word of God as drug. After a time, the sickness just disappeared and i didn’t even know when. Please I’m not saying you should copy me and throw away your drugs. God is not against drugs. You can be using your drugs and still hold on to God for your healing. Doctors too are God’s agent.

What I am saying is this, as a child of God, you don’t have to die untimely. Many remain in sickness and die because of ignorance of what Jesus has done. As a believer, no matter how bad your situation is, you will surely get out of it as long as you can still open your mouth and talk. The raging battle may be fierce and terrible, but according to God’s word, as long as you can talk you will overcome.

But its a pity many true believers don’t realise the battles of this world are battles of words. Therefore when challenges come, they allow fear to take over. They own up and surrender to the challenge by their words and attitudes.

I came across a verse in the scriptures some times ago and it had really helped me to overcome many serious battles. (Hebrews 4:14) “Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into heaven’s, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast to the PROFESSION of our Faith”. This same verse is repeated for emphasis sake in (Hebrew 10:23) “Let us hold fast to the PROFESSION of our Faith without wavering; for faithful is he that promised”.

I say again to you, you can overcome that challenge as long as you can still open your mouth and talk. It’s a battle of words. PROFESSION means ‘to confess’, ‘to declare’, ‘to acknowledge as your own’, ‘to own up to something either in public or private’. So when challenges come, look into the Word of God and bring out verses that speak about the situation, study them day and night till it get into your spirit and you believe it.

Then the battle begins. Begin to declare with Faith what the scriptures says about your situation. Use the word as drug. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the night. Declare with boldness believing in your heart that victory will be yours at last.

Don’t keep quiet and die in silence. Keep talking, keep confessing the word, keep declaring that you believe you receive it according to (Mark 11:24). Devil will come with fear and doubt, just refer him to (2 Timothy 1:7) and continue. I don’t know how long the battle will last but at last the backbone of the situation will break and victory will be yours. God bless you and give you the needed victory in Jesus mighty name.

Segun Badejo
The Gideons Mission
08069316680, 09074645959

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