By Segun Badejo 

One of our brother’s who we sent to spy the Crusade venue came into the room where we were interceeding for the evening crusade, he said we couldn’t take our children with us bcos the place is a mission field and not spiritually condusive for children. So we concluded our prayers, pack our ministration costumes and equipment and took our children to a pastor friends house. Then we left for the field to face the battle. 


Few days back, we left our base for mission work in a particular ancient town. We had ministered in many places with signs and wonders following. Then we came in contact with a particular church that gave us an invitation. On the particular day of the ministration, I felt a urge to send someone to check out the place of ministration, I obeyed and then we went into prayers. The brother left and returned later to give us this report. So we concluded our prayers and we left for the venue of the ministration after keeping our children with our pastor friend.


On getting there I opened my mouth in surprise. I was so surprised at what I saw before me. Just a few blocks from the main road of the ancient town was an old settlement like 16th century town. Long mud houses everywhere. Aside that, old people filled everywhere as they troop to the Crusade ground. We heard later that the settlement is d most wicked community in the area. And their old people don’t die outside the community. When they are old, they relocate to the community. We quickly mounted the stage curtain and light system before we settle down to pray at the back stage. As we prayed the Holy Spirit revealed that there was an ancient spirit ruling the area, a principality. So we went into warfare prayers before starting the Drama ministration. So many old people filled the chairs. Only handful of youths. Some of the old people who couldn’t come by themselves were led to the venue by young ones. 


As the Drama progressed, we could feel the Holy Spirit moving upon the people as they sigh and cry. Then suddenly, it began to get dark as cloud began to form and  cover the sky. As rain began to drizzle, people scattered everywhere to take cover. Some commenting that it was not an ordinary rain, so they did not go home, they waited to see if God’s power could stop d rain. Our host Pastor came on stage and started parking our lights but we stopped him bcos we felt led to stay and interceed. So we started praying rebuking the rain because it was not ordinary. Suddenly we saw the clouds being swept away as if by a strong hand and the rain stopped. There was an uproar as the people who had been under shed here and there watching the raging battle ran back to the Crusade ground, one of them shouting “power pass power”.


That night, Jesus the Captain of our host fought for us. The Kingdom of Heaven was massively populated as about 138 people defied persecution and accepted Christ.


 We learnt later from the Pastor that they worship a life snake being their great grandfather that turned to snake several years ago. He said further that the people had been groaning and seeking deliverance from this oppressive deity but nobody seemed to notice except this church that invited us. He added also that they’ve been trying but no crusade had been held successfully in that community. 


The siege was broken that night and the oppressive demonic entity was banished as the light of the Gospel shined into the community. The name of God was glorified again. 


Evan Segun Badejo

The Gideons Mission

08069316680, 09074645959


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