Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Adebayo Yusuf, Others ranked top most eligible bachelor in drama ministry


By Oluwafemi Dosu

As culture demand, especially in the Africa continent, a male or female child has a marriable  age range. When a child approaches that age range, parents, relatives and neighbours begin to ask question relating to marriage from such child. Some even go to the extent of using abusive songs or words as the case may be on the child.

The case is usually funny especially when the child in question has some achievements that are glaring but yet to get married. Some people see it from spiritual angle while some see it from another perspective.

The Nigeria Drama Ministry is not exempted from this as there are eligible bachelors who have certain achievements in the drama and film ministry but are yet to marry probably because they are taking their time to plan and pray more or counting the cost before starting the journey.

Many questions have  pupped up begging for answers from these bachelors.

On the list are six top people:

6. Tobi Olumuyiwa:
Tobi Olumuyiwa is a cinematographer and actor. The popular Mount Zion TV series, ‘House on Fire’ brought him to lime lite the more. He has equally shot a number of gospel movies in Nigeria, acted in some and work as crew members in some.

He works with Ever Increasing Glory Ministry, graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, hails from Ijebu in Ogun state.

However, Tobi Olumuyiwa despite his achievements still made it to the list of most eligible bachelor in drama ministry.

5. Adebayo Iyanuoluwa:
Iyanuoluwa is a professional cinematographer and editor. He is a movie producer, the director of Advocate ministry. Iyanu studied cinematography at National Film Institute, Jos. He hails from Ibadan, Oyo state and born on August 8.

He had shot a number of Gospel movies in this country, has many films to his credit as an editor. He organizes training for people on professional cinematography and some technicalities in film production.

However, no one knows why he is one of the top most eligible bachelor in drama ministry. Probably he’s taking his time.

4. Seun Adejumobi:
Oluwaseun Adejumobi is a Lagos based Gospel Film Maker. He is the CEO, Fruit Bearers Films, studied at Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, born on May 6.

He has produced and directed a number of movies (both short and feature length), he has equally featured in a number of Gospel movies in Nigeria. Seun has directed, written, and acted in a number of Gospel stage drama which has blesses many lives.

However, it seems he love being a single despite he is due for marriage or probably sisters around are not up to the taste.

3. Kolo Peter:
Kolo Peter was born on February 16 and hails from Niger state. He bags Msc from Amadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria. He is a Creative consultant at Event’s De Affluatus, an Alumnus of Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama.

Peter is a movie producer, has featured in some gospel movies and worked as crew on a number production set.

However, He has spent decades on earth but still made it to the top list of bachelor’s despite his achievements.

2. Damilola Mike-Bamiloye:
Damilola is the first son of the veteran film Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye. Damilola is a graduate of Bowen University, Iwo Osun state. He hails from Osun state, lives in Ibadan with his parents despite his achievements. Born on September 16.

Damilola is a successful film maker who has written, produced, shot and directed many Mount Zion movies. He has travelled far and near for the sake of movie production. He shot the popular Mount Zion movie, ‘Abejoye’ and many ground breaking movies.

He is in his late 20s but still made it to the top list of bachelors in the drama ministry.

1. Adebayo Yusuf:
Bayo Effect as fondly called is a make up artist with certain achievements. He has done series of make up for a number of Gospel Films in Nigeria and has trained many people both in Nigeria and beyond.

Recently, his make up team did a make up for a Gospel movie that looks exactly like that of the foreign film, ‘Avatar’. There is virtually no make up he can’t achieve.

However, Adebayo Samuel Yusuf is in his very late 30s but yet to marry. Probably he hasn’t find the bone of his bone.

Though we are not trying to push anyone into marriage but just felt you all are eligible bachelors in drama ministry. You can always take your time to pray more and plan more for your future wife and kids.

On a lighter mood, sisters can watch out and pray more for any of these successful film makers.

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  1. God makes all things beautiful in His time. I am just too sure He will come through for my eligible brothers at His own time.
    In a lighter mood too, eligible sisters, pray harder!

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