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Sometimes ago, I had great burden for South Sudan. I have heard about the new Country and I have researched well. As a Drama Missionary, I knew before you contemplate going for missions in a particular Country, research is needed. The Country is the newest in Africa and also the poorest. They import bread and water and Food was scarce and majority live in tents. Even the scotching sun is something else.

I heard about a Nigerian Missionary who is based there, so I made friend with him and we began to communicate. He came to Nigeria and my wife and I decided to meet with him for first hand information about the land. He gave us lot of information about the land. He also told us of his visit to a Church in Lagos where a woman during a meeting stood up and told the pastor that she want to support the renovation of the Church with 200 Million Naira. He said where he sitted he began to ruminate on what just a million Naira can do on his mission field.

I asked him how much he felt we will need to come and help open up the land with Drama Mission and he said, if we can get close to 1 million Naira, it will be sufficient for our flight tickets and sustenance in the land (That was about 4/5 years ago).

I was so excited because my heart was in that land. So I left his place determined to get the money and go. So we began praying and soliciting for the money. But my heart sank because there was no response from any quarter.

A year later, war broke out and thousands died and went to Christless eternity. My Missionary friend had to leave to avoid being caught in the middle of the whole thing. This broke my heart.
Who even knows, maybe our going could have stopped the war.

At a time I became angry in my spirit. I was not agitating to go because of enjoyment or any personal gain but to enlarfge the Kingdom.

Few days later, my father in the Ministry Evangelist Mike Bamiloye. advised me to take it cool that if the door did not open this time I should not force it open. This word of advice really helped me but the burden never died. I believe one day the door will open and we’ll go there, contribute our quota and populate the Kingdom of God.

”And this Word of the Kingdom shall be preached in all Kingdom as a witness to all Nations, then the end shall come.”

Mission is the heartbeat of God.

Segun Badejo
The Gideons Mission
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