COVID-19: KSO charges religious leaders to comply with government directives, make use of alternative options


By Oluwafemi Dosu, Erimipo Segun-Okeowo

Popular film Actor and Director, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo, KSO is calling on religious leaders in Nigeria to comply with government directives on the outbreak of the epidemic disease, coronavirus and make use of alternative options such as social media to stay in touch with their members.

Segun-Okeowo made this call on Thursday while guesting a program, The Bumper Breakfast Show on MITV in Lagos.

He further stated that this is a call from God because this situation can be likened to God saying ‘hello guys, can I have your attention, I’m still up here’. Based on the lock down, he charged Nigerians to obey the government because the Bible says we should obey constituted authority and respect their instructions.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that on the contrary, the filmmaker who is also a politician spoke about the Government declaring a lock down but not declaring palliative measures to keep Nigerians who earn through daily ‘hustles’ at home.

He however commended former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Jack Ma and other individuals for donating towards the course, enjoining more people to join saying that this is the time to give back.

The gospel film Actor also talked about the effect of COVID19 on SMEs and MSMEs, and criticizing people who are happy on social media that politicians are getting the virus.

KSO stated that the only way to make sure that the right instructions are coming from the government is to make sure that we are involved in the process that gets them there, which is being involved in politics. He talked about a theory he came up with, ‘the CCC voters theory.’

He said we have 3 major categories of voters namely; the conscience voters, the commercial voters and the controlled voters. The conscience voters according to him are voters who will vote based on their conscience, commercial voters will vote based on money, and controlled voters vote based on ‘instruction’.

He said the conscience voters make up the most of the population but they don’t vote, thus commercial voters and controlled voters make up the larger percentage of people who choose leaders, he however charged conscience voters to rise up and get involved.

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