Coronavirus: Mike Bamiloye charges Nations of the World to call on God


By Oluwafemi Dosu

In the midst of panic and unrest across the globe on the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), doyen of christian drama, Evang. Mike Bamiloye is charging nations of the world to call on God.

Bamiloye via a post titled ‘ONLY HIM CAN FIX IT’ said he is not trying to ridicule any Nations, but just saying we all need God, saying nations have become even so defiant and adamant against God who controls the whole Universe and some people even make jest of God and His True Ministers, Gospel Film News gathered.

The Drama Evangelist quoted Psalm 91:1,3 (NKJV- [1] He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. [3] Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence.) says he thought he heard that some people do not need God anymore.

“I thought I heard that God has become obsolete in some nations. In Africa, in many nations, in many regions, in many homes, we have pushed God away. We have embraced pleasure,” he stated.

According to Bamiloye, many Nations have turned churches to Pub Houses, Worship Centres to Clubs, some church buildings are sold off, things of God has become issues to be ridiculed, Pastors and churches issues are brought over the Radio to be ridiculed and shamed, matters of Heavenly Kingdom are relegated to the background.

He further explained that Nations have shut God out of their hearts and embraced ungodliness, endorsed corruptions, approved Immorality. Nations had become a big bus full of passengers, coming down a steep road, with failed brakes and become a full passenger plane losing altitudes, on way to crash.

“Our Youths have become so stubborn and arrogant. They have become heartless, wearing a dead conscience. Our Youths are becoming neck deep in Money Rituals and Blood Sacrifices for the love of Money and pleasure. Young marriages are crashing. Young Couples are Divorcing. The Love for God in many has began to wax cold, with many compromises all around us. Many people who went into Politics with the love of God in their heart had thrown the love in the garbage bin and embraced the love for filthy lucre.

“Nations are approving and legalizing Aborting. Parliaments and Legislative Chambers are endorsing Same Sex Marriages. Too many Rapes going on around us. Too many News of Child Molestation and Domestic Violence.

“Beside all these, Nations are bullying nations. Countries are harassing Countries. Underground Chemical Laboratories are developing deadly Weapons of Mass Destructions, more deadlier than Corona Virus. There are Chemical Weapons being developed and those already developed that would render COVID-19 a mere Child’s Play. Wait till after Rapture.

“People who think of wickedness and inventions of evils on their bed. People of Reprobate mind, And Callous hearts. Human Demons and demonic humans. Commissioned to convey multitudes to Eternal Perdition.

“Now….We are all comng to the realization of the Mightiness of God. We are now coming to the understanding of the fact of His Sovereingty over the Souls of men. We are now being compelled to recognise Him as Lord of Lord’s. I saw a Prime Minister of European nation in tears and in agony of heart, confessing that his government could no longer handle the situations. I saw Experienced Nurses and Doctors overwhelmed with numbers of Cases they could no longer attend to. I saw Medical specialist of highly equipped Hospitals, watching helplessly as patients breathed their last in their Presence and they could do nothing! I Saw an array of Coffins that carried corpses. I saw a group of grave diggers employed by government to dig ready a Thousand Graves for the on coming newly deads. Crematorium are overwhelmed. They had more than they could burn.

“Nations have shut down. No Planes are flying. Schools have closed. Hospitals are full. Citizens are scared. Presidents and Prime Ministers of Nations are getting Contracted. The Rich and the Poor are not spared. And the Virus is spreading faster than it can be curtailed. People are dying fast.

“So, Now….Who do we call for help? Do we call the overwhelmed World Health Organization? Do we call the Confused United Nations? Do we call on the Helpless Western Nations? We would call upon the Lord. We would raise our Voices up to HIM. HE rules in the Affairs of Men. He controls the Hearts of Men. He Only can still the Raging Storms. He made the World. Only Him can fix it,” he reiterated.

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