A body that unites all evangelical drama ministers together with strong bond in Christ Jesus. 
The Umbrella Association with vision to disseminate the gospel of the virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension, intercession of Jesus Christ and His second coming. 
10 years ago… 
“In every generation, there always come moments of history. In the evening of 6th December 1996, at International Gospel Centre, Oojo, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, a history was made for the this generation of believers and unbelievers in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
There, in the hall, that night, we received our mandate, as drama and film production ministers to go into all mankind, going from Jerusalem, to Judea and from Samaria to the whole world. It was a mandate backed by anointing and power from heaven.
It is now ten years since that mandate was given. We have multiply increasingly across Nigeria. Drama ministers have spread to all the four corners of the nation with the branches of ANCEDRAM rising up in all the states of Nigeria from the North to the South and spreading its wings from West to East. 
It is similar to the experience of the early church, after receiving such mandate of advancement with power – Act 2:47…” OUR DIVINE MANDATE by Evang. Mike Bamiloye – BOT President. 
“When the ship of ANCEDRAM launched out into the vast sea on the memorable day in the month of December 1996, we knew where the ship was headed for, but only God knew exactly how it would get there. The sea was stormy, the occupant were touchy, the crew was inexperienced, onlookers were apprehensive, and adversaries silently wished that the voyage would end in calamity. The future indeed looked gloomy, because the devil cast a shadow of impending failure on the voyage, even before it set out. Not a few doubted the genuineness of the vision. 
Praise be to God, we allowed Jesus to be the Captain of the ship. The one who knows the end from the beginning, the very Captain of our salvation. With Him behehehehe hehehehind the rudder, our ship was destined to reach its destination. 
Ten years after we set sail, ANCEDRAM is still alive and well. Storms arose, but Captain Jesus did not allow us to experience a shipwreck. There were internal hiccups; Captain Jesus settled them. Adversaries hurled missiles of attack to discourage us and to weaken our hands; Captain Jesus shielded us from them. Satan himself raised his ugly head; Captain Jesus bruised it on our be half. 
It is therefore reasonable to say that the smooth sail we had these ten years is by God’s grace alone. No man is worthy of the credit, let alone the glory. Master Jesus, we say, “Thank you”, “Mu n gode”, “Dalu”, “E seun “…” THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING by Bro. Mike Agboola – BOT SECRETARY. 
“Like the appearance of a rainbow in the sky on a raining day ; like a grain of mustard seed for good omen accompanied by assurance of success and victory ; ten years ago, precisely in 1996, the sacred grain of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) was dropped inside the fertile soil of Nigeria to germinate. Tribute to, and courtesy, of all Christian Drama Luminaries of Nigeria, whose faith has stood firm and we are what we are today. Definitely it is an event of good omen, to God be the glory and honour. Hallelujah. 
An omen of victory 
The fame is spreading like a flame that cannot be covered. The fortune is becoming like an unquenchable fire. The North, South, East, West and Central, including the Federal Capital Territory, had at one time or the other witnessed a birth, which is the inauguration as well as the operation of ANCEDRAM. In the hands of the formal and present generalissimos, men and women of valour fighting and conquering for the Lord. In the midst of aggressor’s intimidation and bullying threats, we are still matching victoriously to glory land… ” ANCEDRAM – A GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED FOR GOOD OMEN by Pastor Paul P. Adaramola – Treasurer, ANCEDRAM BOT 
” Teach us to number our days, that we may our hearts to wisdom” Psalms 90… Wisdom to appreciate God for His goodness, protection, kindness and love for us. ANCEDRAM is ten! Ten years of great exploit in the work of God. We have every reason and cause to appreciate God because, what started in Ibadan in 1996 has spread all over the country and is now beginning to spread to other African countries. I use this opportunity to salute the courage of the founders of this great Conference, and to every member I say, “Happy Anniversary” by Pastor Yemi Adepoju – Formal ANCEDRAM President 2006 
Coiled from THE UNCTION – The Official Magazine of ANCEDRAM (vol. 2 NO 1)

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