Column: ‘My Journey in Drama & Film Ministry’ By Kingsley NWACHUKWU


Opinion: ‘My Journey in Drama & Film Ministry’ By Kingsley NWACHUKWU ( For the Next Generation)



Episode 1
I grew up, loving generally the entertainment industry. I became conversant with many Nigerian television serials like Cock Crow at Dawn, Behind the Cloud, New Masquerade, Village Headmaster, etc. and Indian movies; ranging from Nagin ( Snake Girl), The Promise, Burning Train, etc. at early age.

However, my entrance into the boarding house of Government Secondary School, Bwari Abuja, Nigeria in 1991, brought me into another sphere of theatrical production.

It was a dramatic performance of the drama unit of Fellowship of Christian Students ( FCS). Their ACTORS in the likes of one brother Aaron, Kayode Olatukun, Cyril Okechukwu, etc, made the scriptures *LIVELY* and *EASIER* to appreciate on stage. We were always anxious and excited to attend every friday evening service because of such dramatic performances.

I joined the group in my SS 2 and was accorded a CHARACTER in one scene. Many people enjoyed my acting and started encouraging me to keep it up.

The school closed few weeks later for holidays and I departed to Kaduna ( my parental residence).

In Kaduna, I worshipped with Christian Worship Centre, NNPC Estate, a discipleship-based church that is affiliated to Peace House ( Bro Gbile Akanni).

It was during that holidays, one day alone in the church for few hour *personal devotion* , that HOLY SPIRIT opened my eyes to a SCRIPTURE. I heard with every sense of clarity: ” I have called you into the PICTURE MINISTRY. Hold on! The details of your specific assignment will be unfolded to you later”.


I was OVERWHELMED with joy and jotted the Scripture and few other things I was inspired, in my little red-covered Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

I kept the whole thing in my mind and refused to share with anybody; as we have been previously warned in bible studies that JOSEPH suffered because HE TALKED too much and SHARED his vision with PEOPLE the vision is meant to affect. We were also taught in that Church that GOD will always make and sharpen his instruments in a QUARRY SITE ( where there is no noise). You can therefore understand my fear. I felt if I share the vision, I may be killed before my time.
I later went to School and returned again for an holidays.

It was this particular holidays that one of our brothers gave me a film to watch ( knowing fully well that I am a film-lover). The title of the film ( already in pirated copy) is PERILOUS TIMES. The film had not gone up to twenty minutes when I heard clearly: ” That is your ministry”. Tears started rolling from my eyes. My family who were watching the film with me, began to wonder why I was crying for a mere film and ofcourse, a film that the story has not ended. I left the sitting room to my personal room and started PRAYING.

I returned later to finish the film; after which I met the brother for more films of this nature. He promised getting them for me at subsidised rates: The Ultimate Power, Beginning of the End, etc.

1. Do not downplay PASSION. Even though it cannot solely determine your calling, it is one of the salient pointers.

2. Do not play with any God-given talent in your life. You do not know whom it may influence positively. That Bro Aaron ( though oblivious to most of us till date, did a great job in our secondary school days. He was always the creator, director and lead-actor of most performance. Only GOD knows his whereabout today!

3. Be careful while teaching the Word. Treat every issue on its context perceptive. Upcoming converts can unconsciously misunderstand your intention. You may be creating FEAR instead of FAITH, INFERIORITY complex instead of SELF ESTEEM,etc.

4. Do not ignore the power of gospel audio visual project. It outlives its actors and producers, and worth investing. In as much as it lies within your power, do not excuse yourself from participating in any well scripturally scripted and about to produced gospel films (especially by gospel filmmakers).

5. Do not play with any scripture openly unveiled to you by the HOLY SPIRIT. It has the POWER to create everything. WAIT on it! It will not lie, but SPEAK at DUE SEASON ( when the season is due).

{ To be continue in Next Edition}.


However, I encourage you to join:
1.All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers ( *ANCEDRAM* )if you are a drama minister in Nigeria.

2.Gospel FilmMaking Network ( *GFN* ),an international GUILD for Technical Crew Members of Gospel Films across the NATIONS of the Earth .

3.International Association of Evangelical Drama Ministers & Movie-Makers ( *IAEDM* ) via any accredited national evangelical drama and film body in YOUR COUNTRY of residence such as CDMAC, NACEDRAM, UKCDMA, DMAI, ANCEDRAM, EDMA, etc or contact us.

Date: 31st *JULY 2nd*to *AUGUST, 2024.*
Meeting ID: *89801896223.*
Passcode: *CONVENTION.*
Pray & Plan to PARTICIPATE!
Powered: International Association of Evangelical Drama Ministers & Movie-Makers { IAEDM}.

GOD bless you mightily and meet you at the NEXT EDITION.
Pst Kingsley Nwachukwu
Golden Exposures, Enugu, Nigeria.

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