Clergy charges gospel film makers, drama ministers to be approved ministers of God



By Oluwafemi Dosu

A clergy in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Ibudo-Olodumare, Prophet Joseph O. Odusanya has charged gospel film makers, drama misters in general to be approved ministers of God.

The prophet disclosed this on Friday while ministering at the fifteenth state congress of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM Lagos chapter.

Gospel Film News correspondent who was live at the event reports Odusanya who was preaching on the topic ‘APPROVED MINISTER’ noted that only God can approve a man, God’s policy is unchangeable, saying until His standard is met no approval can take place, adding that an approved minister is one who is ready to obey God and do His will weather it is convenient or not.

The cleric reiterated that the world academic institution lecturers set exams for students without siting for the exam but in the institute of heaven, both teacher and student goes through an examination to be approved, noting that compulsory subject for a minister to be approved is genuine repentance, reading and understanding the word of God, and any man without the spirit of Christ is out of the system irrespective of the position attained in ministry.

Odusanya advised drama ministers to struggle less for earthly approval, work more for heavenly approval but rather secure eternal rest as an approved minister because no man lives forever.

When asked about pastors who don’t believe in drama ministrations in churches he said: “I can’t judge and I can’t say much because the understanding of people differ but I will just pray that God opens their eyes, mind, to know more about drama. Everyone has reasons for doing things but my prayer still remains God give them open eyes and a better understanding of what drama means to the church.”

He concluded that ANCEDRAM is a lovely gathering, and felt the presence of God amidst the association since the programme started but will advise to continue moving forward, saying he loves the organization.

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