‘Clean Slate’ movie gets more viewership


By Dare Fayemi

It may interest you to know that the short film titled ‘Clean Slate’ has gotten more viewership both on  YouTube and Facebook.

More viewers have watched clean slate either on Facebook or YouTube as opposed what it used to be.

‘Clean Slate’ which is a production of Dosfem Multimedia Concept is a movie that talks about cleansing of sin by God. It talks about God giving a new life to His strayed children.

According to the director of the movie, Oluwafemi Dosu, the storyline centers on a lady named ‘Chosen’ who has committed a lot of sin. The burden of the sin was so much that she couldn’t bear it. She later had to drop her burden at the feet of Christ and ask God to cleanse her of all iniquities. Chosen realised that if she confess and forsake her sins, God is faithful to forgive her.

The short film has gained entery into two film festivals this year.

Dosu disclosed that the main message of the film is; “God, having promised in His word that ‘if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray and ask for forgiveness then will i hear from heaven, forgive and heal their land.’  Chosen’s sins were cancelled and a new slate was given to her.”

“The message interprets that no matter how deep we are in sin, if we can call on God and ask for forgiveness, such person will be forgiven,” he added.

More so, the movie was written, directed by Oluwafemi Dosu and co-produced by Dorcas Godonu.

Speaking on why the movie was produced, the director noted that Clean Slate was produced in a time like this because it has been observed that the devil is robbing christians of their rights and privileges, saying the ignorance of many believers has entangled them and make them slave to the devil.

Many people according to him, when they commit sin will continually remain in that bondage thinking God cannot forgive instead of approaching God for forgiveness. Instead of them to boldly go to the throne of grace, they will continue to feel guilty forever, even some that ask God for forgiveness and He has already pardon them will still have guilty conscience whereas God has forgiven them but they have not forgiven themselves. They underate the power in the blood of Jesus for cleansing of their sins.

The Short Film is available for free download on Youtube channel: ‘Dosfem TV’ and on Facebook page ‘Oluwafemi D. Dosu’.

Speaking on gospel movies, the film maker stated that “Gospel movies in Nigeria is improving in terms of technicalities and professionalism but not at the peak yet, adding that there is still room for improvement. Another area that gospel movies is lagging behind is the marketing/advertisement. We produced good films but the general public don’t get to know about it, many of our films are not in video outlet/stand, people don’t get to see our films except the ‘church people’, even at that how many chriatians have gospel films at home. Gospel film makers need to seriously improve on this.”

Dosu however noted that “the Nigeria film industry is also getting there except for the decadence preached and some code mixing that are uncalled for. A times you will be seeing a Yoruba movie and 60% of the dialogue will be delivered in English. I think that should be looked into.”

To watch the film, you can click on the link below:


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