Christians react to Gloria Bamiloye’s writeup on ‘why women believers should not wear trouser’

Gloria Bamiloye

By Oluwafemi Dosu
Christians around the world have been reacting to the write up of Gloria Bamiloye on ‘why women believers should not wear trouser.’
Gloria Bamiloye is a popular actress and the co-founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries. She is the wife of the doyen of Christian drama, Mike Bamiloye. 
This actress cum producer has produced/ featured in several Mount Zion films, authored many Christian and drama literature which has been a tremendous blessing to Nigerians and the foreign community.
Recall that Gospel Film News published a post which is titled ‘why women believers should not wear trousers’ on the 28th of April 2018. The post was credited to Gloria Bamiloye and ever since, there have been  several comment on the news on Gospel Film News blog. 
Here is what people have to say:
Name: Oladeji Mayowa Sunday 
“Finally this message came out of one of strong minds in our world. I hope our evangelical drama ministers will humble themselves and sacrifice their desire for the sake of the Gospel of Christ.
Even, you are convinced or you claim to be so strong in faith to wear trousers as an acclaimed born again sister, the divine assignments in your hands asks you to appear acceptable to all men.
Till tomorrow, not all Christians will accept trousers from ladies, if you like twist the Bible in your defense as Bible scholars
Sisters should accept that fact that it is not acceptable especially Nigeria specifically in Yoruba race.
Be disciplined enough to appear acceptable to all men as evangelist
May God help us in Jesus name.”

Name: Omotayo Dede
“Hmmm, to be honest some ladies look elegant in specially designed trousers e.g. bankers on TROUSERS and this will equally preach the gospel anyway because its descent. However, most women put on trousers to cause the fall of men.
Thank you for a wonderful insight into the cultural relativity as well as the sacrificial lives we are called to live. I hope God will touch Our sisters heart to turn back to him in this area.”


Name: Daniel O.
“Devil has been a deceiver from d genesis of the creation, twisting d scripture for d children of God to cause confusion. I have seen a case of a young vibrant lady who married a man that later forced her to be wearing trousers she had nailed to d cross years back. There are many forbidden fruits which children of God these days are eating comfortably. Many God open our spiritual eyes.”
Name: Bamidele Olusola
“I so much thank God for hearing this message from our Mummy in the Lord. I can say this is a clear and unbiased inspiration from the Lord Jesus Christ! I am equally based in Western world, very close to the Redeemed Church Mum is associated with in Grand Prairie, Texas. Mum has always proved herself ever more faithful with this teaching and I can categorically say this message is a divine one from God. In conclusion, without mincing words, I hope our sisters will stop using excuses of wearing trousers all in d name of being right for their gender. I only pray most of our African Female Pastors in the United States will be able to sacrifice their comfort zones because of the weak ones, all in the name of being in a Western World!”
Name: John Oguntuase

Name: Adekunle Adeyemi
“Thank U Our Mommy , more grace in Jesus name.”
Name: Zachheus Ajayi
“God has given us his word for us to obey which will then put the best of the land into our hand. God bless you ma for this inspiration, we are to live for God and to edify others.”
Name: Unknown
“Please Ma With All Due Respect Ma Stop Twisting The Bible To Satisfy The Flesh. “there is nothing bad in wearing trousers especially if its necessary in some professions” If Someone Is A Child Of God, God Will Not Give Him/Her Something (A Job) That Will Make Him/Her To Go Against His Commandment. And As For The Western World Its Not Their Culture Be Wearing Trousers Cos According To Their Old Pictures We Do See We See How They Use To Dress(Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Top With A Wide Ankle Length Skirt) Its The Devil That Has Blindfolded Them. And Remember The Bible Says THE WICKED SHALL BE TURNED INTO HELL AND THE NATIONS THAT FORGET GOD So The Fact That 95% Or 99% Of The Western World Wear Trousers Does Not Mean God Will Lower His Standard I Pray The Lord Will Open Our Eyes The More In Jesus Name.”
Name: Adekoya Grace
“In addition, i believe the motive behind wearing what you wear matters to God. For instance, There are some exceptionally cold countries. If you don’t wear at least 4 jackets and 4 trousers you might be writing letter to your death. This way, you have to wear trouser to keep warm. In summer, the weather is comparable to the weather in Africa and you do not have to wear trouser to survive. Additionally, from my research on google on the history of trousers, I discovered that it was worn by either men or women in those days who ride horses to battles. Of course, more men went to battle than women, hence it used to be tagged as men. 
Trouser was invented by a man for the purpose of easy movement and climbing horses when going to battle in those days. Robes used to be the norm for men and women before the invention of trousers. So the purpose for inventing trouser is not so as to be a man’s wear. It was to fit the two legs of humans and allow access to free movement while climbing on a horse and fighting on a battle field. The society turned it into what it is today and demonic fashion corrupted it. There are Godly fashions. I am a gifted fashion designer. And as a fashion designer, i make my designs on purpose. The purpose for which the wear is needed. Humans need to dress on purpose too. They need to dress up based on the purpose for which the dressing is needed and not on an unrighteous purpose.”

Name: Unknown
“God bless you for this massage, I have more understanding of it now.”

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  1. Ministry mama, you are right. The best guide every believer should have par time is the Holy Spirit. Thank you For being a blessing to womanhood and this generation. God bless you, ma!

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