Challenges faced while shooting the movie, “Not an Orphan”- Director

By Oluwafemi Dosu
Adenike Aderemi-Fashikun aside from being an actress is a female Director who has proved to the world that a female is capable of handling professional film directing. She scored a point recently with a cinema standard film she directed entitled ‘’Not an Orphan.” 
At the film premiere this month, “Not an Orphan” thrilled all the audience and would have been awarded best movie of the year.
In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, the Film Director, Adenike Aderemi-Fashikun revealed the challenges faced during the shoot. 
“All I want to say is I give God the glory for the success of this film. Talking about the challenges, we actually faced some challenges but God really came through for us. We had different phases: we had the ones shot here in Nigeria and outside the country in Dubai and you know, around here we can easily get what we wanted but out there it’s not like that. It got to a point I had to take some risks. In fact, at a point when my DOP was afraid of being caught on the street and some places. I just prayed and said God you have to come through for us in a strange land and I discovered that at every point where we got, God favoured us, that’s one thing about this project, even when we got to a very tight corner God really proved Himself as a faithful God.”
She added that the post-production took a longer time, saying they had to go back to the studio over and over and she appreciate all those who worked on the project. 
“I’ve been watching films where you see a number of people working on a project and I got think how do they do it but about ‘Not an Orphan’ when you see the cast and crew you will see the list of people who we related with, people we worked with and I just reflect on those things. I’m humbled, you know, working with different people at different point God really gave me the courage. I want to tell you, we didn’t come this way just like that, it took God to step in at every point helping us to do things we ourselves don’t even know we can do.” 
Adenike further noted that the Executive Producer, Pastor J.F Odesola who she said is always encouraging the Faith-Lift Production team, never tired, and at any point will give freedom to do whatever they wanted to do and he keep encouraging. 
The Director revealed to Gospel Film News that He (the Executive Producer) conceived the movie, she only Screenplayed and Directed the movie, adding that He was there all through to support and care for the casts and crew. 
She also appreciates the kind gesture of Mrs. Rachael Odesola, noting that when they were travelling, she gave them money, keep checking on them on location, affirming she enjoyed the cooperation of everybody.
“On the day we started the shoot, one of our very important cast on set came and we discovered she was pregnant, she couldn’t take that role, so we changed that role that day and that was ‘’Sharon’’ and immediately the new person got on set she acted as if she was the original person planned for the role. That really thrilled me a lot and I know it can only be God. “Daniel” came on set for the first time and that’s the person I saw in that role, so, I give God all the glory for what He did and for what He’s doing and for what He will do about the film. It’s a message of love, faith and Hope for everyone,” she stated.
The Director was filled with happiness as she appreciates all cast and crew who worked on the film project.
Not an Orphan can be accessed at His Glory Ventures, 25/85, Awka Road (By Mandilas Bus Stop), Onitsha. It is as well available at CRM Bookshop, Redemption Camp, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway; Precious Resource Center, 143, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin; New Dimension Movies LTD, 4, Edidi Lane, Idumota, Lagos or 241, Lagos Road, Opposite Govt. College, Idiroko Bustop, Ikorodu.

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