Cameroon gospel actor, Morfor Derick releases single track


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A Cameroon gospel actor, Morfor Derick Fuamendem has released a soul lifting and inspirational music track.

Morfor revealed to Gospel Film News in an exclusive interview that what inspired him to produce the song is the book of Matt 24:36 and Mark 13:32.

The track entitled “Where Will You Go” talks about the fact that no one knows the hour nor the time our Saviour Jesus Christ will be coming to rapture the saints, saying even the Angels do not know.

He further noted that the message he is sending out to Christians and non-Christians is that: “‘where will you go after hearing this sound doctrine which has always been preached on daily basis on how to forsake your sinful lifestyle and allow Jesus to come and dwell in your life because if you keep postponing your salvation you won’t make heaven at last.”

Morfor reiterated that Heaven is only for the Pure in heart who repented of all their Sins and have accepted to carry their cross and follow Jesus Christ till he comes.

He also disclosed that he chose the title because he wants anyone who hasn’t repented to repent and always be alert in whatever thing he/she does, saying no one knows what will happen in the next minute.

“Where will you be when the trumpet sounds is what many still won’t be able to answer right now until the time comes when they will be amaze to see this happen in a twinkle of an eye. So every Christian who listens to my song shouldn’t just listen for entertainment sake but should allow this song bless and have a transforming meaning in their whole body and Soul,” he concluded.

To listen or download the inspiring song, click on the link below:

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