‘Broken’ movie to hit Nigeria cinemas

By Dare Fayemi

Finally, the much anticipated movie, ‘Broken’ from the stable of His Praise and Glory Media in conjuction with Red Rose Production will be hitting Nigerian Cinemas this December.
Gospel Film News gathered that the movie which was produced and directed by award winning gospel movie maker and graduate of filmmaking at  Manchester School of Art, Evang. Bola Akande, will be released Theatrically in Clementine Cinema, Lagos; KS Cinema, Ibadan; MCrystal Cinema, Ondo; MCrystal Cinema, Oyo and MCrystal Cinema, Ibadan. G2G Cinema, Ile-Ife and MCrystal cinema, Abeokuta this Christmas period. 
Bola Akande has successfully produced movies like Love Uncut, The Stance and Caged, among others. 
The movie which has enjoyed massive acceptance and endorsements when premiered overseas and in Nigeria will hit Nigeria Cinemas from the 24th to the 26th of December, 2018.
In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, the producer revealed that the movie ‘Broken’ was an inspiration received from God which addresses the issues of incest and abomination with ways of tackling them.
Speaking on what she intends to do with the movie, she said: “As a Minister of the Gospel equipped to preach the gospel using the talents and gifts that God gave me. I hope to see lives saved, touched and healed by the power of God through the Movie and for people to know that God loves them so much and He is willing to help them regardless of how broken or destroyed their lives may appear.”
Evang. Bola Akande
Akande noted that the movie will be released in Cinemas in Nigeria because the story is set in an African Culture and the subject matter is uncharted, one that is kind of alien to majority of people, adding that there is a need to speak about difficult life issues that affect ordinary people, where they can truly identify with our subject. 
“The major theme of the movie is on ‘Incest’ within an African society. Writers shy away from such heavy subjects, the culture doesn’t permit the victim to talk. But God knows them, He sees what they are going through and He wants them to know that He is interested in their pains and wants to heal them, hence, He is sending us to speak to them through this movie. Other themes like Salvation and Forgiveness run through the Movie, so, it’s not only for the abused but for everyone really and we hope to screen the movie in Ghana and as many other African countries that God will open to us,” she stated.
She further revealed that “it costs a substantial amount of money to put Movies in Cinemas, where a Distributor accepts your Movie for distribution, producers just wait to see how it does in Cinemas but in this case for reasons like ‘No popular faces’ and ‘message being too spiritual’ (that wasn’t said in many words) they didn’t accept this for distribution hence we are releasing it trusting God to open the doors in His own ways. We can’t ‘box’ God, He wants to take all the glory in everything we hand over to Him hence we are going through this route.”
She stated that she can’t give an exact figure right now how much the cinema release will cost, saying people may check back later but it’s not cheap.  “Promotion and Advertisement is costing a lot of money despite the fact that we are not doing it like the established Cinema distributors will do but we will do our best counting on the support of as many that God will touch,” Akande noted.
The UK based producer and director while reacting to when the movie will be released reiterates that  the cinema screening is also a form of release, it’s going to be released in stages because it was filmed with cinema release in mind, adding that after it’s been through Cinemas, then TV, DVD and online releases next year by God’s grace.  
Bola Akande promised to keep people posted about other distribution outlets. 
‘Broken’ movie features Olumide Oworu, (aka ‘Tari’ in the popular TV show The Johnsons) Adedoyin Akande and other top notch Gospel film actors like Idowu Oluwaferanmi, Kayode Babalola, Tobi Flames and Tunbosun Odunsi.

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