Broken movie is unlike other christian films- Afolabi Dipeolu

By Oluwafemi Dosu

In much anticipation of the cinema show of the new movie, Broken, some of the actors have been saying one thing or the other about the film and many Nigerians are eagerly expecting the film in cinemas across the country this december.
One of the key actors, Afolabi Dipeolu recently aired his view, saying the movie is captivating, so realistically touching and so much unlike some other christian films. 
Dipeolu who played the role of Oladepo, (Baba Morenikeji) noted that he got the script a day before the rolling (shooting) started, it was an impromptu thing because he didn’t know about it before then, saying the original actor for the role dissapointed when they got to Ife, so he was called upon to help save the situation since everything was on ground except two of the lead actors. 
He disclosed to Gospel Film News that he felt good about the script but looking at how voluminous the script was at such a time with official university work at that time, he knew it was going to be highly demanding and tedious.
The actor reiterated that Broken is a must watch movie for all families this season. 
Meanwhile, the movie will be in cinema from December 24 to 26, 2018.

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