Biography of proficient Director, DAVID KOLA-OKEOWO


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Rev. DAVID KOLA-OKEOWO is sure a well known face in the gospel movies. He started out as an actor and director decades ago. His impact cannot be sidetracked in both stage and film productions. In am exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, REV DAVID KOLA-OKEOWO revealed his biography among others. Excerpt:

David Kola-Okeowo was born to Rev Canon & Mrs. Okeowo in Offa town, Kwara State Nigeria. He went to St. Marks primary school in Offa, David went to three secondary schools, Oro Grammar School, AUD, then Attah Memorial College in Okenne. From there he went to Kwara Polytechnic, at that time it was Kwara College of Technology. After that he did his degree in Bayero University, Kano. He started out with a post-grdute Diploma in Theater Arts in University of ibadan but didn’t complete it becauuse he had to travel.

He did a certificate course in film production in City University, London. He’s always doing courses be it in film or not, things that he believe will help him. Especially online courses and so on.

He gave his life to Christ many years ago close to thirty years ago. He has always loved drama but didn’t know God was going to use it as his full assignment, he started doing drama in the university. When the fellowship drama team finished a ministration, he just met them back stage and told them he wanted to join them.

From that moment on, during the NYSC year, he was part of the exco of NCCF in Anambra state, then it was Anambra before it was broken into Anambra and Enugu state and he was part of the exco of NCCF, he joined the drama but noticed that everywhere he joined the drama somehow he ended up leading it.

Even though officially he may not be the leader but will end up directing productions and all that. When he finished serving he went to his church in Ilorin Kwara State called Champions Church that he was going to be attending and the next thing he was looking out for was the drama group. He joined the drama group and before you know it, he was already leading and coordinating.

That’s where he begin to take the ministry seriously and moved from Ilorin to Offa his home town. He stayed with his dad & helped him in his printing business and then David Okeowo got a lecturing job at Fed Polytechnic Offa. All that time he had started the ministry prayerfully, he was also lecturing but the ministry was growing and after lecturing for few years, he believe God asked him to stop lecturing and take up the calling fully. By that time he had gotten married to his wife Olufunmilayo. So that was how he left lecturing job and faced the ministry.

From Offa then he moved to Ibadan again by the instruction of the Lord that himself and immediate family should move to Ibadan. So, they came to Ibadan in 1998/99 or thereabout and that’s why again the ministry took another level.
Each time God gives such instruction the ministry will take another phase, another dimension. So, when they got to Ibadan the ministry took another dimension.

They stayed in Ibadan for many years. The Africa Head Office of the ministry is still in Ibadan. About fifteen years ago, the Lord opened the door for his ministry, TRECOM Worldwide in the United Kingdom and they moved to United Kingdom. Again the ministry took yet another dimension, and the Lord started opening offices in South Africa, Ghana, America and so on, and that’s where they are now.

His ministry has its international office in UK and other offices in some countries of the world where they go. Basically, he travels. He is itinerant. They go to places to minister, to build up people to do whatever assignment He wants us to do.

Some months he may be away from UK, so he moves on as schedule demands just like Paul. I go to “macedonnia”, that is wherever I have the opportunity and the Lord opens the door, I go. Any country.

David Kola-Okeowo has written, produced and directed several movies and stage productions for his ministry and other ministries.

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