Beware of Big Brother Naija, Shola Mike Agboola warn Nigerians

By Oluwafemi Dosu
Legendary gospel filmmaker and president of EVOM World Network, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola has seriously warned Nigerians to beware of popular reality show, Big Big Brother Naija.
Gospel Film News reports that Agboola sounded this warning today in a post he entitled “BEWARE OF THE BROTHER CALLED BIG.”
Agboola’s warning is coming barely 48 hours veteran gospel actor, Yemi Adepoju tells parents to caution their children on the same TV show.
In his post, the popular actor and director stated that “there is an annual celebration of immorality and obscenity on TV. The first time I saw a small portion of the programme was years ago. I actually STUMBLED ON IT. The sight was horrible, to say the least.”
He noted that he has since refused to ‘stumble on it’ again because he doesn’t wat to stumble into hell, saying he choose to continue his onward journey into the Kingdom of God.
Agboola concluded that a word is enough for the wise.


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