Ben Ope Johnson gives panegyrics to Oreofe Williams


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The foremost and outstanding gospel film Director of Photography, Ben Ope Johnson has given an outstanding panegyrics to Bishop Oreofe Williams for his words of encouragement.

Daddy Beejay as fondly called by colleagues and mentees in the film industry has shot several award winning films including ‘Escalade’ and television programmes nationwide.

In a facebook post titled NOLLYWOOD HALL OF FAME yesterday 7th of May, 2018 Ben Ope Johnson sincerely appreciates Oreofe Williams, the ‘Awo Jesu’ film director greatly for his love and words of encouragement.

Beejay noted that he actually stopped posting on social media since 1st of January, 2018 because of some unpleasant criticism he got as a result of several posts on EXCELLENCE IN CHRISTIAN FILMS PRODUCTION, adding that Williams was worried because he has not been seeing his posts on facebook. 

He disclosed that Williams called him this morning in other to know why he stopped posting writeups and thereby encouraged him to keep doing what he loves. He revealed that Williams made him understand that CRITICISM is the sea that takes DREAMERS to their glorious destination, saying he loves Williams so much and that he is God’s general indeed!

“I’ve counselled both old and young ones using different circumstances to drive home my points. I’ve encouraged many people using Joseph story. I told them emphatically that God is always at the business of taking the least person from prison to palace,” he added. 

“I won’t lie to you, I’ve prayed times without number for Joseph’s type of promotion( he started ruling in a strange land at age thirty. He occupied the position of a prime minister in Egypt. The young boy saved not only his family but people of his time during a severe famine that ravaged the entire world like locusts,” Beejay noted.

The outstanding DOP revealed that Some years ago, around 2003, his friend Tayo Adu, came to visit him at his place of work in Ibadan. As he was leaving he said, ” Bro Johnson, imagine you are one of those biblical characters.

“What he was saying indirectly was that if I were Abraham that waited till 100yrs before he could get Isaac, his promise child what will I do? If I were David that faced serious opposition and hard persecution from king Saul what will my reaction be? if I were Joseph that was sold into slavery because of his many dreams by his jealous brothers. Will I ever forgive and provide for them? (They said, let’s kill him and see what becomes of his dreams). What if I were that nameless man of God from Judah that was deceived by the old prophet. 

My dear readers, I love Mr Joseph’s success story, I want to be like him but my challenge is running away from that ladder that took him to his glory.

Hmmmm….uneasy lies the head that wears the CROWN. Yoruba people will say, ikoko to ma je ata, idi re a gbona. (The pot that will cook stew must be ready for hot flame).”

Johnson however noted that anyone who desire good success in life, should pay attention to these words of wisdom:

1.If you want to eat honey from the rock, you will not mind the bit of your axe.

2.If you want to cause a major change, be battle ready before you even start at all. 

3.If you must make EXCELLENT FILMS, people will criticize you.

4. Do not make films that are like seeds that fell on the rock.

5. You can’t expect to keep doing things in the same way and expect different results.

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