Before going to Kebbi, I had Darasimi in mind but…- Lawrence Oyor


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Lawrence Oyor has revealed that he proposed to his newly wedded wife, Darasimi in Kebbi State when he went for a ministration.

According to Gospel Film News report, he confessed that even before going to Kebbi where he first proposed to Darasimi he had her in mind but she didn’t know. “I have mentioned it to her few weeks before it happened (that’s how I know it was really God) that I was coming to visit with all those things in mind but she didn’t see it coming, only for them to invite us for a ministration, ” he mentioned.

Lawrence revealed this truth during a “drill show” hosted by Damilola and Joshua Mike-Bamiloye meant to question Lawrence on his choice of Darasimi and to encourage singles.

The “Bowl of Fire” singer stated that more than God revealing is wisdom for a relationship and anyone who doesn’t have wisdom for that aspect of life is likely to fail even though God led him or her there. Citing an example, Lawrence said “You can be led to a university and still be a dropout because the leading is one thing and studying your book which is the wisdom for staying in university is another thing. There are many things I didn’t know, many things I didn’t understand in that relationship and it came to life so that both of us could have peace and I took about a year break to just reflect, learn alot of things and just allow myself to be engrossed with other things.”

He continued: “We’ve seen great men of God whom we read their books and we saw how God led them and later saw that divorce came in the picture, it didn’t mean God didn’t lead them and that’s where many people are getting it wrong today, they are now doubting their relationship wheather it’s the leading of God because wisdom is not present in either the male or female. We increase in wisdom through knowledge.”

Lawrence noted that after God might have spoken to someone on choice of marriage partner, there is still need for Sensitivity or wisdom and Communication to sustain the relationship.

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