At a point I stopped coming out when they are praying for people looking for fruit of womb- Lagos ANCEDRAM chairman’s wife






By Oluwafemi Dosu




The wife to Lagos ANCEDRAM chairman, Evangelist Ireti Afolahan who waited for nine solid years before having a child disclosed that at a point in time she stopped coming out for special prayers for people looking for the fruit of womb.


This was made known yesterday at the naming ceremony of her new born baby, Rehoboth in Ota, Ogun State.


She added that everybody had stigmatized her that even when she refused to go out for the special prayers, people will still come to her and pressurize her to go out so that she could be prayed for.


Gospel Film News correspondent who was live at the scene reports that Ireti Afolahan who was speaking with tears on her face noted that her father never wanted her to shed any tears because she never had a child, adding that her father will shout at her whenever she is crying, challenging her to keep faith on God.


She narrated an incidence when a Reverend Mrs. called herself and her husband and ask if they think at all, saying despite their predicament, they still move about excited, cuddling each other around every corner. The Reverend Mrs. According to Ireti later opened up to her that she was once in such situation and encouraged them.


She revealed that since then, himself and her husband just keep thanking God and realized that God never fails.


According to her, several prophesies have been said to them that they will have their children but it got to a point she was tired of hearing that because such has been coming for the past nine years but no physical manifestation.


She finally appreciates God, her parents, in-laws, families and friends who stood by them during the nine years of marriage without a child and encouraged everyone to keep faith in God no matter what, that God is never late.


In his remarks, Isaac Afolahan appreciates everyone who has always encouraged and advised them including prayer partners and family members, adding that there was no pressure from any of the family throughout the nine years, rather they encourage and pray for them.


He also encouraged people looking up to God for good things never to give up on God, saying God’s calculation is different from man’s calculation.

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