Are You A Mother Or Murderer?, Busayo Asikhia Asks Women



By Joy Adeosun

Gospel Female Actor, Busayo Asikhia has poised a question to all women asking if they are mother or murderers. She added that a mother ensures that her child does not turn back from the Lord, despite in the last days that God Himself describes as perilous times ( when it will be difficult to be a Christian), Gospel Film News gathered.

Busayo Asikhia made this statement in her daily devotional on Friday. She stressed that Satan, worldly pleasures, economic and seductive TV shows, Facebook, Twitter’s and all sorts have made it easier for many people to rub away from the Lord.

Asikhia explained that many mothers who ought to show their children the right path have also been cut in the web of such distractions. The solution, according to her is for all mothers to keep praying for their children and to always show them godly examples, praying that God give mothers such grace.

She therefore asked all mothers to first thank God that they have not died before realizing the truth, secondly beg God to forgive them in any way they have turned away from the Lord.

The third prayer point she raised was “let’s beg God to keep teaching us how to become godly examples to our children, fourthly let’s pray that the prophesy of the perilous times will not be fulfilled in our lives, the fifth one, let’s beg God for grace to pay more attention to the things that often make us turn from the Lord and lastly let’s pray for grace to Know the things that often make our children turn from the Lord so that we can prayerfully help them out and let’s pray more as the Holy Spirit leads.”

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