Anointing, inspiration, revelation needed for ministry work are useless in heaven- Shola Mike Agboola


Evang. Shola Mike Agboola

By Oluwafemi Dosu, Mayowa Samuel

The gospel film  maker and president of EVOM World Network, Evangelist Shola Mike Agboola has revealed that anointing, inspiration and revelation needed for ministry work on earth will not be relevant in heaven.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that Agboola who was speaking on the topic ‘Hunger For More’ at the ongoing national congress of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM in Oyo noted that no matter what a man drinks, nothing quenches taste for water, saying nothing can be more satisfying than God; nothing can replace him in the life of every Christian.

He stated that ways to get more from God is to be properly located, allow God lead you, have a deep hunger for God, realize that there is something more, and be properly located.

The EVOM president noted that in life and ministry, your location determines your allocation, saying your Spiritual location is more important than your geographical location, advising believers to be located in God’s presence.

“You must desire to have more of God in everything. If you only read the Bible in order to preach and teach others, then you are practicing spiritual stupidity. Every revival begins with an individual and hunger begins with personal realization. To be led means to be guided, to allow another be in charge. Never think you can lead God. There is something more, we must be available for God to use us. We must be available for God,” he concluded.

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