By Oluwafemi Dosu
The much awaited movie, Akobi Laaroye is set to be premiered in churches across the globe.

Akobi Laaroye as written and produced by Victor Olukoju was earlier premiered at the University of Ibadan for the very first time last Saturday.

The premier will strat from April 10 to May 19, 2018.

It was gathered that some churches have started booking for premier of the film at difrerent locations.

The producer of the movie disclosed to Gospel Film News that criteria for the premier of the movie in churches include:
1. This movie: Akobi Laaroye will be released to you on trust, we believe you will handle it as such and make sure that it is safe from moving from you to any unauthorized person.

2. The church / school that intend to show Akoobi Laaroye movie should be at least 300 in number.

3.  No gate fee must be charged to view the movie. However, if you are led to take an offering for the host church or/and the producer of the movie, you are free to do so.

4. The movie must not be stored in any device or given to any other person. Since it has not been released to the market, it has to returned to the copyright owners or our representatives  after the viewing.

5. Prayers and altar call should be made during or after the movie.

6. The host or organizers of the premiere have to create awareness (to invite the public) by making handbills and other methods of awareness affordable to them days before the movie premiere.

7. Send the details of the host to us; the venue, the date and the time for your customized poster design that will be sent to you for prints.

Meanwhile, the copywrite owner said anyone outside Ibadan will have to handle the cost of transporting the movie to their place.

Olukoju who prayed that the movie will draw souls to the kingdom of God also disclosed that any church okay with the above conditions, can send a mail with their address to: so that the movie can be sent.The mail should come with the letterhead of the host with the names of the church and signature of the pastor.
(Parables Film Productions)

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