Agbomola: A Movie That Enlightens Audience On The Greatest Power That Ever Existed


By Ajibare Abioye

Agbomola was produced from the stables of Grace Drama Ministry. It is a film that aims to enlighten its audience that there is no power greater than that of Jesus, and that salvation and deliverance come only in His name.

Agbomola has a good story on its hands, especially as portended by a reveal at the end. It follows events of woe happening in a village, until a ‘saviour’ shows up and rescues the day for everyone. The story stylishly leads you in one direction and the status quo is maintained in all ramifications for close to half of the movie before anything shifts ever so slightly. That makes the reveal at the end that bit more special. I’m itching to but I won’t reveal any details here.

Something in Agbomola which I haven’t encountered at such a high level is that it spreads it’s protagonism, such that you would need to keenly follow the characters that stand out the most, rather than one. This contributed to the mystery side of Agbomola which would engage you till it’s resolution.

Also, Agbomola worked well to achieve a non-static cinematography, thoroughly using pans in different kinds of scenes. In terms of music, it opted for the cleaner choice of pre-recorded ritual and dance performances, which eliminated the chances of noise-tuned on-set audio recording.

Conclusively, Agbomola is a movie that embraces the regenerative and enlightenment cardinals of Christian drama. You can click the link below to have a good view of the movie:

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