Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi Celebrates Step Mum, Says She’s Answer To Prayers


Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi Celebrates Step Mum, Says She’s Answer To Prayer

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Actor and one of Mount Zion Family, Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi has celebrated his step mother whom he says is an answer to prayers.

Adeola revealed that his late mother appeared to him countless times in vision and dreams to pray for his Dad to get it right in marriage the second time, Gospel Film News learnt.

He therefore appreciate the step Mum for his care since the time she married his father.


“Thank you for your warm care for Him ma. A lot to say but I’ll keep it short with a Big Thank You. This kind of phase is never easy for anyone.


“Losing a spouse/partner & remarrying. It’s a lot. For me it’s a big ease off my shoulders as the first child of the family. I won’t forget easily how my late mum kept coming in dreams and visions to me with a stern warning to intercede for Him to get it right the second time in marriage, else it’ll lead to His early grave.


“You’re indeed an answer to prayers ma. Daddy may you find the Joy you once had in a better & happier way. May your heart pant more after the Father’s business. We go harder,” he stated.

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