Actress lambastes Ben Ope Johnson openly, says “he is deceptive”

Ben Ope Johnson
By Oluwafemi Dosu
End is not yet in sight concerning peoples’ reactions trailing the trending issue about Mike Bamiloye and Oreofe Williams after the premiere of ‘Land of Fury’ as an actress, Helen Idowu pointed accusing fingers at Ben Ope Johnson popularly known as BeeJay saying the film maker is deceptive.
Idowu who lambasted Ben Ope Johnson recently on social media noted that BeeJay is speaking from two sides of his mouth.
“@ Ben Ope Johnson. Please keep quite, if no one has advised you to do so. You are speaking from the two sides of your mouth and that is deceptive,” she said.
She reiterated that BeeJay is calling for peace by saying ” if you have anything against your brother, go and reconcile with him …’ and he is the same person calling names of people in his public post with indicting/hurtful comments, saying is that how to make peace?
She expressed dissapointment over Ben Ope Johnson.
“That is unexpected of a man of integrity, not to talk of a Christian. Please, check yourself in your closet, something is wrong,” she further said.
Helen continued: “I have gone through comments and you seem to be the only one that has been saying too many irrelevant things, making noise and widening the matter. Don’t you have work to do?”
The actress revealed that she decides to make her comment public in order for BeeJay to rethink.
“I have decided to do this, maybe you will sit back and have a re-think, and if you don’t, it means more is wrong. This is not a debate. Be cautioned. Please, be guided,” she concluded.
In a related development, scores of gospel film makers have accused Ben Ope Johnson of being the one fuelling the fire of word-war that Oreofe Williams is doing against Mike Bamiloye and other gospel film makers.
Our correspondents gathered that many film makers are not happy with the comments and posts of BeeJay on social  media which is responsible for the chaos.

Below is what Ben Ope Johnson posted. BeeJay earlier mentioned ‘Gloria Bamiloye’ and ‘Omolara Ayoola’ in the posted but later deleted it:

Commentators God bless you all, it is a grievous sin to disrespect elders. Yoruba says, eye lo ma yo oju eni to ba ri agbalagba fin. I will never encourage anyone to disrespect our BABA. BABA ni baba lojo kojo.

We should not also forget God’s commandment. The bible says, keep ye peace with all men without this,no man shall see God. I think you should call Oreofe Williams and talk to him privately.

 Brothers,and sisters No one is perfect. If you follow Nigeria faith-based film, you will discover some things that were condemned through Christian films in those years. They were tagged evil but today they are no longer evil .

For instance Christian female actors must not relax their hair, no matter what the owner of the coarse hair is going through during making of the hair.

 Brethren, check it, some female actors  they relax her hair. This has changed.

 Christian actor must not wear trousers, check my darling aburo, she uses (please take no offense) 

I will take from the bible again, if you have anything against your brother, go and reconcile with him before you drop your offering.

Sir, your offering is your drama ministration. That film and stage drama ni.

Again, it will be very painful if any drama minister should go to hell because of little disagreement that could be resolved amicably. The torture will be too unbearable because of what we have said about Satan looool…

Through love alone we can conquer kingdoms for God. If we don’t show love to one another because of differences in our calling and approach, Satan will hide under it to inflict serious blow on us. Again, unbelievers will rejoice over our disunity.

Brethren, bloggers are outside there looking for stories. If someone like Linda Ikeji should step into this, trust me, the results will be devastating.

Finally, love your neighbour as you love yourself. Do not forget it, your neighbours may be people like Joseph brothers. Your neighbours may be like king Saul. Your neighbours may be Christian actors, your neighbours may be Nollywood actors. Your neighbour may even be me.

God bless you all.

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