Ace Cinematographer, Ben Ope Johnson Counsels Tope Alabi, Yinka Alaseyori, Reveals What He Would Do If in Their Shoes

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Ace Cinematographer and Filmmaker, Ben Ope Johnson has waded into the ongoing saga between popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi and Yinka Alaseyori fuelled by the public.


Johnson in an article titled “ANGELI MI, Ni ONIDUROMI,” counselled both singers on what to do in such scenario.

Ben Ope Johnson

“I’ve heard people preach and talk about humility. They gave different interpretations. It got to a particular time, I decided I was going to check online for the meaning. This I got: “Humility is not seeing yourself as someone who is better than another person,” he revealed.


He noted that: “If I were Tope Alabi, I would just apologise to Yinka Alaseyori. I will tell her I’m sorry for my mistake. A ki mo rin kori ma ji( loosely translated as no matter how you walk carefully, mistake is inevitable). I won’t see people that are abusing/criticising me as my enemies. I will see them as ANGELI MI, the instrument God wants to use to caution me.”


According to him, If he was Yinka Alaseyori “I will jejely behave like David, I won’t kill King Saul as his soldiers suggested. I will let her be. I won’t hold Tope’s sin against her. Even if she chooses not to apologise to me I will act like Jesus, my ONIDUROMI. I will see those who are fighting on my behalf as good friends who really love me. I will also remember human beings can turn the table against me someday. They are shouting Hosanna today, tomorrow, they will crucify me if I should make any mistake.”


“If I were you my readers, I will learn from what it’s happening now. I will treasure in my heart the word of God that says, HE WHO THINKS HE STANDS SHOULD TAKE HEED LESS HE FALLS. Friend, choose to be a peacemaker. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Let’s pray for both of them, they need our prayers more than before. Ija o dola, oruko lo nso ni( loosely translated as war does not turn to wealth).”


This whole bruhaha started yesterday when Tope Alabi in a video while ministering on stage which showed Tope Alabi criticising a popular Christian song, Oniduro Mi, which was sung by Tolu Adelegan and Yinka Alaseyori, at different times.


In the Yoruba language, Oniduro Mi simply means guarantor. The song exalts God as a guarantor and one who never forsakes His own.


While commenting on the song, Alabi noted that God was more than a guarantor to her. The singer further said that there was a time she wanted to sing the song but the Holy Spirit cautioned her against doing so.


  1. Mr. Ben … Kudos Sir ? you have spoken well.. God increases you wisdoms. Am a Core Fan of Tope Alabi. I was also not impressed with that criticism and condemnation . I just hope she can swallow that and apologize to her ? as a mistake that she never meant it that way.


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