Movie Review: Emi Lokan, Produced By Converter Adeyemo

Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

A really interesting title, no? Especially in the context of Nigerian politics. I like it!


“Emi Lokan” tells the story of the battle for the throne between two princes and their respective supporters. Adegoke has been chosen as the new king by the oracle, but he’s the younger prince, and so, this inevitably births conflict between him and his elder half-brother, Adesile. When there is a crack in the former’s life, the forces of darkness are able to have a field day with him. When he however, opens up to the grace of Christ, he transits from being a victim to triumphing as a victor. Restoration is evident here, as well as enlightenment for believers.

Ajibare Abioye

The first thing I’d like to comment on is the film’s runtime. “Emi Lokan” doesn’t explore an extensive storyline, and so, does not need to be long. The movie does well to resist the temptation to bloat its duration, as some Christian films have lately been doing for whatever reason. Its aftermath is slow pacing and drabness. This production is a bit culpable too, in some of its mad-characters scenes. Nonetheless, the motion picture does just enough to keep viewers engaged for its running time. Also, the dynamics between the characters (particularly between Otun and Iyalode, played credibly by Adeyemi Adepeter and Deborah Adeola) was good.


Having said that, “Emi Lokan” could have done with a bit more character development for its key subjects – mainly Adegoke and Dunni. This would have given better context to what they did and didn’t do. Among other instances, Adegoke for one does not seek God’s guidance when Ifa (an idol) “chooses” him as king; crafting his character to any extent before that event would have made his actions more in tune with the rest of the story. I opine that with the potential of gospel movies to serve as models for real-life application, more effort needs to be given to portraying Christian persons and solutions.


In all, “Emi Lokan” shows that God is merciful, and when we call on Him, He will surely answer us.


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Till the next review, stay blessed!

Film Credits

EMI LOKAN (May 28, 2023 [YouTube Release])
70 minutes
Grace Revealer Ministries

Ishola Stephens as Adegoke
Adebayo Yusuf as Adesile
Wole Olaleye as Osi
Adeyemi Adepeter as Otun
Ajala Ibukun as Dunni

Wole Shoyinka
Converter O. Adeyemo
Directors of Photography
Oladele Kuboye and Quadri Kazee,
Abiola Babatola Nattytunez

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