Today could be best described as a day of joy for the Ace cinematographer, Evang. Kunle Adepoju who has creatively shot gospel films in Nigeria with a professional touch. He is 40 years old today.

In a quest to give detailed information about the most sort-after cinematographer, Gospel Film News delves into the background of the cinematographer who has achieved a milestone in the film industry. Gospel Film News present to you the biography of Kunle Adepoju:

Kunle Adepoju was born into the family of Mr. Adeyemi Rauf Adepoju, a Muslim family of 9. He had an encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of nine. At 14, he started receiving a strong persecution being a boy from a Muslim home.  He grew stronger in Christ in the midst of this persecution only God saved him from death.

He continued the journey of life by returning to Ibadan after his secondary School at Akinorun Grammar School Ikirun, Osun State. He worked as a nursery school teacher since he knew it will be difficult for him to get a committed sponsorship from home now that he didn’t deny his faith in Christ. His first pay was 600naira in the year 1996. He worked for 3years with a committed heart in a drama at his church, Christ Apostolic Church Oke Isegun, oke Itunu Mokola, Ibadan where he was privileged to act in a movie at 17years of age.

Kunle later got admission to study Electrical Electronics Engineering in Poly Ibadan, Eruwa campus where he found his deepest commitment to serve God in drama as two times Drama Coordinator at Joint Christian Fellowship called CCB in Eruwa. There he shot his first movie which is his second directed movie in 2001. From there he had the call of God to start a ministry named Maranatha Evang. Drama Ministry (MEDRAM) in 2002 with their first retreat in December 2002.

He went further to teach after his ND program but the passion for drama keeps pushing him to study more. He trained with Kay Technical in camera handling, TRECOM Film School in script, acting and directing, He further by studying more about Filmmaking at Pefti.

And today God has by his hand establish MEFA and many countless blessings he received from God. To Him be all praise.

Kunle Adepoju has creatively shot countless movies including award-winning movies like Akobi Laaroye by Victor Olukoju, Neema Omotoyosi Kayode-Babalola, Forty years on Knees by Evang. Dayo Olumuyiwa, Hunter’s prey by Segun Badejo, The puppeteer by Tobi Adepoju, Tenant in Hell by David Kola Okeowo, 1 in 50000 by Moji Ogunlana, Iranse by Ope Gbemiro, ODU ORO by Samuel Obidairo, Knotted by Victor Olukoju and many others.

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2 thoughts on “A maven @40: Biography of Kunle Adepoju

  1. I researched you and got to know that the team lead of this company is called Brother FEMI Dosun. God bless you for so many things you have been doing in the gospel wing of ministry. I am a fan of your blog and website in general and will love it if you pull your attention to whatever I might be saying. I am not being sponsored to do this but inspired in the Lord Jesus Christ to and also but because I also have seen and experienced it.
    I notice a young man for the past 10 years now and realised just few people have seen his works. Or probably he himself as not really proved the fame or maybe does not want the fame.

    His name is Daniel Ope Makinde on facebook, he’s a filmmaker and I think His strength is Cinematography and Directing. What attracted me to him is that. He trains people (churches, social community) on filmmaking, ministry, sales and digital marketing for free and even if he’s going to get cash, he charges quite affordable and sometimes I ask from afar if he’s in money.
    If not just last week, I was just informed that he’s a Pastor. Am sure you also don’t know. I am a secretary of a ministry and I know if I send you text you might not take it serious sir. During the COVID 19 lock down he even went on to join people to distribute palliative. I actually know someone who knows him. But I haven’t met him yet. Just for his philanthropy way of helping the young ones (whether gospel or professional) and way he’s pained in getting people out of the street. I implore GOSPELFILMNEWS. COM to Pls allow a biography on your platform on him. I only have seen him on TV and from afar but I would love to read about his story from you. Hes a fast growing film school owner. I know I can’t pay you but I will tell everyone of what you might have done and how I sent this to you. Yours in the LORD

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