By Oluwafemi Dosu

A drama/film ministry known as Methodist Evangelical Movement Television, MEMTV has recently launched an online TV channel.

This is in a bid to reach out to wider audience across the globe.

The president of the ministry, Evangelist Ibukun Williams made this known recently in a chat with Gospel Film News.

According to him, MEMTV is a ministry called out by God at this end time for the salvation of the lost, for the spread of scriptural holiness and for getting the world prepared for the second coming of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

He reiterated that God has helped the ministry to achieve those things in the past twenty years through drama ministrations at social events, various church events and programmes as well as schools and campuses ministrations, adding that beyond the stage ministrations, within those years, the lord also helped the ministry to produce some movies on various themes that the lord has used to proper solution to various problems that plagued human life which include The Walking Corpse, Beyond The Clouds, I Saw Hell’ and Okan Eniyan.

Speaking extensively on the online TV channel Williams noted that the advent of the Internet and Social media at this end time without doubt has its benefits and disadvantages depending on who is using it and what we are using it for, saying one big benefit to which the secular world has been taking maximum advantage of in the present age is the great speed of information dissemination and the ability to reach a worldwide audience.

“MEMTV has decided to key in into this opportunity by releasing her old films and those that would subsequently be produced online on YouTube Chanel to the general public. The word of God is fresh everyday and is relevant all the time. The bible says ‘they are new every morning’. A sizable audience were reached and blessed those years the movies were released. But as it was written;’ Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor have it entered the heart of man. The things the lord have prepared for those who love Him’ 1Cor.2:9. God who knows the end from the beginning had a greater plan in mind to bless souls even to the uttermost part of the world at the end with those movies.

“The word of God said in Eccl.3:1 that ‘ To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven’. We are very certain that this is the season and time that the lord has destined to use MEMTV for the healing and deliverance of many souls and homes across the globe. The book Acts of the Apostles was written to an individual: Theophilus and in the same way, all the epistles written by Paul the Apostle were written to specific individuals and selected groups of people. But I keep on imagining the joy that feels Paul’s heart today seeing the rate those epistles are blessing the world and I reasoned that likewise, the lord has destined to use Christian movies through the Internet and social media in this dispensation to take the good news to the world even in the remotest part or closest of the world, he stated.

He disclosed that the first set of movies has already been uploaded on the YouTube page of the ministry. The page would not be showcasing only the movies produced by MEMTV but movies produced by other Christian drama ministries since the goal and mission is the same and there is one fold and one Shepherd.

Williams further revealed that the page could be accessed by any individual by typing ‘Methodist Evangelical Movement Films or simply typing the acronym (MEMF).

“Individuals are encouraged to like and subscribe to the Channel as they watch the movies so that they can be notified anytime a new movie is released. From time to time, we would be releasing a handle to our contacts that will take them directly to every movie newly published, for instance, we are starting with The Walking Corpse. WALKING CORPSE highlights the consequences of living a sinful life. It stressed the kinds of dangers a Christ less individual is exposed to. It as well highlights the need for Christians to be watchful and prayerful. The work also portrays the power of Jesus to save and to turn even the worst situations around for good. I commend the Channel to everybody, may God speak to you and bring solutions to the challenge of your life as you watch,” he concluded.

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