Nigerians call for celebration of legendary filmmakers, Mike, Gloria Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

For many years now, gospel films have been a blessing to lives and families both within and outside the country. It has healed the broken hearted, set the captives free and restore many broken homes. This has made many people fall in love with gospel movies.

To many, Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries defined the face of gospel movies. A report by a National Daily says “Gloria Bamiloye is one of the actress that defines the face of Nigeria Film Industry, Nollywood. A lot of Nigerian have never recovered from the popular TV serial, ‘Agbara Nla’ by Mount Zion Faith Ministries which was broadcast in the 80s. A statistical analysis revealed that Mike Bamiloye is the only one who has produced more movies in the history of Nigeria Film Industry with more than hundred (100) titles to his credit.

Gospel Film News gathered that today Thursday, 14th of February, 2019, a notable comedian, known has Jiganbabaoja who celebrates celebrities, raise cash and donate to them took to his Instagram page to ask if the Bamiloyes deserve to be celebrated. Ever since, series of comments have been trooping in saying the couples are worth celebrating because of their impacts so far.

Below are some of the comments:

JIGANBABAOJA: Get something right, we only ask if they worth to be celebrated. Type yes if yes and no if no we will not force it to happen as we are working together.

PRINNCESS BOLA56: pastor Mike Bamiloye doesnt need your celebration but they need great awards from big organizers like AMAA Awards or City People Awards. But less privilege in Nollywood industry or any entertainers that have contributed a lot but nowhere to be found e.g PA Kasumu, Iya Ibeji omo arayele, Iya Oshogbo, orisabunmi, Janean, Goroso, Olori emere, Oyiboyi, baby eda, etc, May God help you.

YETEE72: let us celebrate them including all the living legend, that have done well.

DR_DARAY: They also deserve commendation regardless of their financial status.

BRAMATU5: Im not a Christian, but I watched their movies and I love their work, 100% Yes.

JOHN OGUNTUASE: the impart of Agbara nla the TV serial is still very fresh in the heart of so many people. God bless the bamiloyes. God bless Mount Zion.

JVOLAYKES: Yes, they deserve to be celebrated. They make us know this world is vanity.

GUZE_IMAGE_CONCEPT: cant wait for them to be celebrated.

ADENIKE.AGBOOLA.987: Its not about how rich they are; its about celebrating them. God bless you @jiganbabaoja for remembering this wonderful couple.


ELLAH_STICHES: Im sure they won’t collect the money but will pray for you. Its not that they wont appreciate but I dont think they will be needing the money. But mind you, go ahead, there is a purpose why God lead your mind to them.

MUYY_SHTOO: Yes ooooo.Agbara toojuu agbara loo

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