“How God Confirmed Sister Grace is My Wife,” Mount Zion member, Isaac Femi Akintunde narrates

By Oluwafemi Dosu

A member of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Film Director, Evang. Issac Femi Akintunde has narrated how God Confirmed to him that Evang. Grace who played the role of Bose (Ayamatanga) is his wife.


While celebrating the birthday of his wife today, Akintunde posted on his social media handle that returning from the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama gave him some high reps among his friends in Kaduna. According to him, he was asked a couple of questions incessantly and he was too excited not to answer them. However, the one big question he was asked of which he knew no answer to as a matter of fact, has brought about this celebration.


He narrated that “Bose Ayamatanga” on screen excited some of his folks that came visiting. They all laughed and made passing comments until, one of them brought up a question that seemed to tickle his lungs after getting the answer. Amid their argument, he stood up and visited the restroom, Gospel Film News confirmed.


“Realising that I had just returned from the camp of the famous “Mount Zion people”, the question was aimed at me like a rifle, when I closed the door to the toilet behind me. One of them said:

“Hephzibah, is Bose Ayamatanga married?”


“It was a straight “I don’t know” for me as, back then, it was quite difficult a task to know who is or who isn’t in a serious relationship and besides, I wasn’t there for any of that. They made fun of me, belittling my observation skills and knowledge of my surroundings. I simply pinned on my response: “I wasn’t there for any of that”.

Right there,
At that moment,
That very minute,
That crucial second,
That perfect timing,
I heard the voice of the Lord,



“Dead silence in my heart as I pondered. I lost rest, I lost sleep, day in, day out…I was bothered. I wondered how these words would evolve into a tangible reality… I wondered how I would express my feelings. It was a real battle for me!


“I considered my background, my starting point, my story, my personal flaws and my insecurities lead to incessant perspiration.


“Beyond all, I moved. The rest is history. The communion is a mystery. The marriage has been lovely. The togetherness has been ever alluring. The Grace upon us has been SOLID!


“Sister Grace, Thank you for saying YES. Thank you for Loving Christ! Thank you for loving the family God has given unto you! Thank you for obeying God! Thank you for saying yes to HIS will! Thank you for steadily staying in alignment with the purpose of the most High! Thank you for staying preserved for the great and tough times! Thank you for the blessedness of a well spent union! You have been my mother, my partner, my lover and my best friend.


“I look at the passage of time and wow! Look how far we have come! The same feeling on May 12, 1999 is heavily replicated and more. Beyond these beautiful words, I declare with all my love that you are immensely blessed and Graced in all Glory unto every marvelous works!


“Much more abundantly, I pray that you remain righteous until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! As you have supported me in this faithful journey, it is my expectation that you be duly helped by Christ, the lover of your soul! I Love You, Grace. Cheers to more years,” he said.

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  1. That’s awesome. God Almighty continue to bless your union and continue to make you one indeed in all things in Jesus Mighty Name amen. Happy birthday woman of God. Love you but Christ loves you more and will perfect that which concerns you and give you birthday gift in Jesus Mighty Name amen. Enjoy your day!!! Shalom.

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