MOVIE REVIEW: “Abejoye Season 4 Episode 4,” produced by Mount Zion and Flaming Sword


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Abejoye Season 4 is a tale of redemption, reconciliation and revival that captures the heart of the Lord in wanting all men to come to the knowledge and experience of His saving grace.

Ajibare Abioye

Abejoye Season 4 Episode 4 talks a bit about Chief Henry Awonponire, who is the last man standing among the Council of African Traditionalists. His attitude is worthy of note and there is a pertinent comparison to be made between him and Asipa. Chief Henry meets with a higher power and does all to change his ways, to make peace, even though it meant wrongly regarding that higher power as Dr Edmond. Asipa on the other hand, is unrepentant and is as sly as a snake. He subtly misguides people through his words, he lies and tries to draw others into his conspiracies and misdeeds so that he’ll have someone to pour the blame on if things get out of hand. He does evil under the cover of night and behind a veil. Asipa is an example of those that don’t want you to do the work God wants you to do, so they fight you. He’s definitely not someone that you want to have as a close friend.

We also see a bit more of Bamidele in what I would regard as a tough case that only sensitivity to the Holy Spirit can resolve. The traditionalists had attacked his father and succeeded in killing him; only God’s mercy brought Baba back to life. Then, they tried their hands on his only daughter but failed woefully, and Bamidele was well aware of these two attacks. Thus, I think his anger towards them was quite natural, and his fierce stance was probably just a reflection of his godly hatred for evil. However, the fact also is that he just didn’t listen at all to Chief Henry, which was wrong. It is a similar situation to what happened in Shackles 2: Fetters of Iron, and Chief Henry, like Prophetess Nbanise, nonetheless goes ahead and gets reconciled with God. This might not always be the case as we saw in On Strike, where Omoola returns to his old ways after Deacon and Mrs Salako defer his request to be led to the Lord. So, in these cases, we see the importance of patience and a listening ear. Sometimes, the harvest comes to our doorsteps; we must really be sensitive at that time not to drive it away.

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Pastor Lanre comes to the rescue again with his maturity and patience. I like the way he displays his initial logicality in kindly requesting the conversation to be made at a later, convenient time, and his eventual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, which enables him to give Chief Awoponire a message that birthed faith in Chief Henry’s heart and led him to the feet of the Master.

My favourite line in this episode, I think, illustrates what it means when no weapon fashioned against you prospers: “It (The ring) has killed my friends and spared my foes”. How God defends His children!

I must commend the creative use of lighting throughout this season – really cool stuff. Also, the visual effect used to portray Baba’s transition from his vision to real life really created that charged-up atmosphere that then burst into a scene with an outlook that felt surreal – really nice. I found Baba’s scene with Jogunomi quite amusing, especially the look on Baba’s face – very nice. I really hope that the subtitling of subsequent movies this year will be much improved.

At the end of this season, those who accepted Jesus began to tell people about Him; that’s how it should be. Baba illustrates that scripture that God does not delight in the death of a sinner, but instead, desires that all men be saved; that is God’s will for everyone, but we have to play our parts as labourers in His vineyard by testifying to people of what God has done for us and telling them to join us on the train to heaven…

Alright, we’ve come to the end of my 4-part review of Abejoye Season 4. What lessons did you learn from this season? What scenes stayed with you the most? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can watch the movie below:

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