#EndSARS: Filmmakers disclosed what they would have done if they are Nigeria president


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Filmmakers have added their voices to the ongoing Nationwide protest against SARS and bad governance. The protest which began with agitation against killing of innocent Nigeria Youths by SARS men has now turned out to be a protest against bad governance in Nigeria.

Many youths across the nation have joined the protest making their agitation known to the government, while several others who couldn’t join physical protest took to praying against bad governance on the street.

Gospel Film News in it’s special way, went out to seek opinion of gospel filmmakers who are youths to know their take on the matters arriving and what they would have done if they are Nigeria president. Excerpt:

I will pay attention to the voice of the People because the President is there for the masses, and his decision and policies must be in the Interest of the masses, because he is not representing Himself.

Nigeria leaders must begin to hear the cry of the masses and come to a place of compromise in some of long age wrong decisions they’ve made in government, and It’s never too late to correct those errors.


I will speak because am not deaf. They voted me into office and I vowed to serve them. So I would grant their wishes and even apologize for failing them in the past so as to gain my confidence again. I would rise up as the president, contact relevant agencies and do the needful because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

I will humbly attend to the need of the masses because the government is for the people. One Nation one voice. I will also pray for God’s wisdom to lead aright.

I will put all pride aside. Come up on line and say I am sorry dearest children. Empathise with them and promise to attend to their requests. Ask them to continue to pray for me and immediate to show sign if seriousness I will first cancel and put an end to SARS/SWAT. Then reduce all our salaries.

The modus operandi is very simple.
Youth on the streets protesting and those doing prayer walk have the same goal which is the cry of an average Nigerian.
What the president ought to do is simple…

✅ Address the Youths directly. Acknowledge the points they are raising. At this critical time, let them know you have failed them (that is what everybody can see). Then afterwards, give a short, medium and long term timeline to make positive impacts concerning the cry of the Youth.

✅ The use of force is not the way to go but the use of democratic means to solve matters arising

✅ Set up panels that will include the Youths from each states and make the discussions public with youths in attendance. Speak from your heart as a democratic leader. Speak from your heart as a father. Speak from your heart as someone who wants to leave a good legacy.

✅ Review cases of assaults and illegal activities of the tactical unit that is the matters arising and address them positively in line with the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

✅ The New Nigeria is here. The birth of a new thing. So, do everything possible to show that truly you are Mr Integrity and write your name with Gold.

I will Listen to and be sensitive to the needs of the people. That’s what I’ll do.

If I am Nigeria president, I will address the nation and let everyone know that I have heard their complaints and concrete steps will be promptly taken to deal with the issues raised.

I will effectively ban the special arm of the police force called sars and reassign their former personnel to other departments in the police force.

I will set up another unit to assess the issue of anti robbery policing and draw up policemen from other units to this new unit and make sure no member of the defunct sars is accepted into it.

I will set up a committee to address human rights abuses from SARS and deal with culprits. Same will also be done for abuses during the end SARS protest. Erring officers will be prosecuted in court.

I will upgrade the welfare of policemen nationwide at all levels with special attention to their living conditions and their salary/allowances. Beyond the issues of police reform, I will also address prevailing issues in other forces and paramilitary organisations.

Nigeria’s problem goes beyond SARS and policemen. It is a situation arising from systemic degradation. We have to address issues of education, health, corruption etc. Lecturers have been on strike since last year. Unemployment is prevalent, Etc.

The issues leading to this protest are many and the entire system is what a reasonable government should seek to correct before a street protest graduates into a full blown revolution.

If I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will come out to address the situation, I will not remain quite like PMB. If the President refuses to speak i’m afraid may result into riot which we pray not to be.
I was born and grew in the Northern part of the Country, I have seen and experienced riot, it’s not a good sight to behold. It’s high time to Speak out before it gets out of hand. Let him at least prosecute the erring Police officers, make amends and restructure Nigeria now

Bandits and heardsmen should be declared as Terrorist and he should stop shielding them.

No doubt, there’s a spiritual undertone to what is happening in our nation, therefore there’s is need to seek God, beg God for forgiveness wherever we’ve erred.

If I am a Nigeria President what I will do is to firstly listen to the people, understand their plight, decode their messages, then seek wisdom from God and knowledgeable citizens to prover solution.

It is their right to agitate and since governance is about the people,then it is not about me as a leader but the onus is on me to deliver according to their yearning.

Nevertheless, it calls for wisdom and tactical approach considering the heterogeneous nature of our country. Don’t forget that the current agitation is deep, it’s no longer about END SARS alone but it has metamorphosized to agitation about bad governance, fixing Nigeria pertinent issues, general reform and restructuring.

Therefore, all of theses takes time to manifest, so I think what the problem is now is that, there is a communication gap and lack of trust between the leaders and the followers.

So if I am the President, I will quickly work on how to connect with the people by closing the existing communication gap by personally addressing the nation from time to time and strive to build the trust that has been lost because I need them to trust me as I promised to fix whatever their agitation is.

I sincerely think that anyone who doesn’t want reform is the true enemy of the people. I’m sure you won’t be surprised if you discover that even some people in government might be in support of #endsars. I’m in total support of the call to end police brutality and all forms of curruption in the country. I don’t need to wait till I’m brutalized. But come to think of it. I was driving from plateau to Nasarawa, SARS asked me to provide my vehicle papers, I did. Then they requested for ID card showing that I work with a company that is registered in my name. All documents of the car bear my name oh! What will I do at the middle of the forest ? I have to allow them to prey on me to avoid “wasting my life” as they will call it. I can’t seat on the fence, let bad and heartless governance end. People are extremely suffering #endsars is just a metaphor for too many things that are not in shape. Let Nigeria Wake up.

I will sack all security chiefs, remove attorney general of the federation, sack all ministers and appoint new ones, the oldest of them would be 45 and the youngest 25 years old respectively. I will revert PMS pump price to its former price to begin with. I’ll give NNPC and ministry of petroleum 3 months to get all the refineries working at 80% capacity or all the directors would be sacked.
I will declare state of emergency on security in Kaduna, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara, Plateau, Kebi , Yobe, Adamawa, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi and Taraba States respectively for six months with immediate effect.
I’ll reach out to Israel to help quech bokoharam immediately. I will also submit the 2014 comfab report to the National Assembly for legislative/executive quick action for complete restructuring of the nation.

I will invite Jesus to the situation on ground ni. It’s not a physical issue. I will go and read and meditate on 2Chr 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Then I will receive wisdom to tackle this issues because the youths are speaking the truth although not all youth are speaking with good motives.



I will pray for God’s guidance. I will listen and respond to the voice of the masses. I will set up a reasonable panel to see to the situation. We will come to the reasonable conclusion to satisfy the desire of the masses. I will ensure the nation is at peace.



I will End SARS genuinely and set up sincere committee to start a better system in the police. Righteousness exalts a nation.

We have to take a right step in the right direction. I stand with the rest of the world with the new mindset, a new order, a new Nigeria. I see a better Christian filmmaker who will make films that will address every usually stick issues around the world.



I will make decision that will be glaring and take action immediately…not making promises that won’t hold water.

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