By Ajibare Abioye

Before I commence with my top ten Nigerian gospel movies of 2019, I’d like to appreciate everyone who has constantly visited this blog for gospel movie reviews. By God’s grace, year 2020 will be a glorious year for us all in Jesus Name.

I cannot say that I’ve watched every gospel film produced in 2019 but I’ve watched a good number, and of those I watched, here are my top ten:

 10 – DIRE

Dire tells the story of Tony who begins to question the God’s choice of Sophia as his life partner when he discovers a dirty detail of her past. There is some good cinematography and acting here, and there are valuable lessons that can be learnt from the movie.


Enit’aran was written by Olumide Oki. The story presents an illustration of the love that God has towards us, the love that drove Jesus to die for our sins while we were yet sinners. The film has a lot of star power and this reflects in the high quality of acting and production.


Okunkun Birimubirimu is a charming love movie that was written by Isaac Femi-Akintunde. It presents the story of, and an example of true love that overcomes. Jide Aanu-Ademola and Opeyemi Akintunde are the protagonists in this movie and their story is one that is delightful to watch.

7 – KEMBE ISONU Season 1

This is a movie from PREM Films International which comprises two parts. The movie uses quality time in character development and steadily builds its world over two parts that end in a worthwhile viewing experience. It sets up a season two whose details I hope we’ll get to know in the coming year.


I love this movie for its socio-political element. I could tag it a Christo-socio-political movie. It presents our everyday living in different aspects of the society, showing how important godly governance is. I believe so much in this movie that if we follow its guidelines for the next few years, we are sure to witness a positive change in the political outlook of this country soon.


What a beautiful movie this is! I think most memorable in this movie is the song rendition by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye. It’s a powerful movie that exposes false prophets/prophetesses, and teaches about the importance of discernment and patience in our walk with God.


Adopted from the novel with the same title by Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye, this movie is really loved, especially by youths. Femi Adebile’s performance here was worthy of accolades and we hope to see more movies like this in 2020.

3 – Akobi Laaroye Part 2

This movie takes off from where the first part left off and it sees Jesugbami, who has undergone a total transformation, return to the land of Iyarako along with the king and his wife as they face old and new foes in several battles.


I love the acting in this movie which was just really down-to-earth. There are several levels of lessons that this movie teaches its viewers. The story is beautiful and it looks set up for another part, but I guess we’ll get to know in due time.


I’m quite sure that you knew it would be this, didn’t you? This was an excellent movie and I can only wax lyrical about it. Baba Abejoye continues his journey in his new-found faith in Jesus, whom he trusts to defend him against familiar and strange foes. Worldwide premieres are already ongoing and I strongly urge you get the nearest center to watch it.

I should also give special mentions to some movies I watched in 2019 though they are 2018 movies. “Tenant in Hell” would have been on this list, “Neema” also. “Konkomania” was a brilliant movie.

We thank God for bringing us to the end of year 2019. Happy new year! We pray that God will make 2020 a year of great joy and peace for us, our households and the gospel movie industry.

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