Iyanuoluwa Adebayo finally starts 1st christian audio drama podcast

By Oluwafemi Dosu

The multi talented cinematographer, Iyanuoluwa Adebayo has finally launched the first ever Christian Audio Drama Podcast in Nigeria.

This was confirmed by Gospel Film News yesterday.

According to Iyanuoluwa, the podcast channel is loaded with exciting, interesting and informative programs that will make one’s day.

The podcast started fully yesterday 1st of January, 2020 on IYANUOLUWA ADEBAYO podcast channel with STORY RIDE episode.

STORY RIDE is a show on IYANUOLUWA ADEBAYO PODCAST CHANNEL on the show we pick an existing movie and search out deep messages in the movie.

He disclosed to our news men that this season on the show, they are treating ULTIMATE POWER, a film by Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mouth Zion Faith Ministry International.

The podcast channel contains mind blowing serial stories in English starting from Mondays to Thursdays, Spirit filled Yoruba stories on Friday, Mount Zion Films Audio Drama from MONDAY to FRIDAY, Morning charge with Iyanuoluwa Adebayo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There will also be Amebo gang comedy program on Saturdays and get blown away on Sundays with Bible battle

To enjoy all the episodes of STORY RIDE and other exciting and interesting programs, click on the link below to subscribe:

EPISODE 1: https://bit.ly/2QxsK3m

EPISODE 2: https://bit.ly/2rBjKlu

EPISODE 3: https://bit.ly/37eNp2Z

EPISODE 4: https://bit.ly/2Syujkb

EPISODE 5: https://bit.ly/39nlb8f

EPISODE 6: https://bit.ly/359Y5hX

EPISODE 7 https://bit.ly/37lwNGT

or click on: https://bit.ly/2Ok65Yz

You can also follow @iyanuoluwaadebayoofficialpage on Instagram for updates Or like his page on Facebook for daily post


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