Erujeje Christian Drama Ministry released new movie

By Oluwafemi Dosu

A Drama/Film Ministry known as Erujeje Christin Drama Ministry has produced and released a new movie.

The short movie titled ‘Fire Stricture’ Episode 1 was released yesterday on YouTube.

In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, the president of the ministry, Evang. Kayode Gbenga Victor noted that the ERUJEJE Christian Drama Ministry took a burden to sensitize the world and emphasize the message of sexual perversion dramatically in this SKIT to warn people.

“Part of the prophecy for the year 2020, as declared by holy ghost empowered, power and fire driven men of God is to FLEE FROM SIN, some went further to dissect the message and warned against SEXUAL PERVERSION. WE at ERUJEJE CDM took this as a burden to sensitize the world and emphasize this message dramatically in this SKIT to warn YOU, BE CAREFUL, BECAUSE WHAT YOU SEE AT TIMES MAY NOT BE AS IT APPEARS,” He said.

Fire Scripture movie Is about vision, where the Bible Say’s where there is no vision the people perish. According to him, It’s not everything we see that are physical, some are spiritual.

Gbenga emphasized that the story evolves round two brothers talking about football who saw a lady they want to run after without knowing she’s a spirit.

To see the short movie click on the link below:

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