Working with professional actors that are genuine believers in Nollywood will increase quality of our productions- Kola David Okeowo

By Oluwafemi Dosu

A veteran Gospel Film Director and Actor, Rev. Kola David Okeowo has stated that working with professional actors that are genuine believers in Nollywood will increase the quality of gospel movie productions.

Okeowo stated this, this morning in a Facebook post while reacting to comments and calls received after directing Opeyemi Akintunde’s movie, Stepping Into Maggie’s Shoes (S.I.M.S). The movie which is an adaptation of a popular novel written by Opeyemi Akintunde had featured some Nollywood veterans.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that in the post he titled “what are we afraid of?” Okeowo disclosed that he has been getting numerous calls from the moment people heard of S.I.M.S – An OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE PRODUCTION which he directed, then the calls increased after his posting LET’S RAISE THE BAR.

“Some called to wonder why the use of “secular” actors in the production. It didn’t matter to them that they are BORN AGAIN, SPIRIT-FILLED children of God. Yet many more called to identify with the vision. So many were excited at the prospects of such collaboration. So I am making this post for those who genuinely want to KNOW. Those who want to LEARN. NOT THOSE WHOSE MINDS ARE ALREADY MADE UP, no matter what,” he said.

He continued: “LET ME BE CLEAR. I did not make this post to attack anybody or join issues with friends. I write this to ENCOURAGE those who GENUINELY do not know and are looking for answers to the questions that have been tugging at their hearts for a while now. I am writing to those with UNIQUE instructions from God and are afraid of people’s comments and attacks. HEAR ME, THEY WERE NOT IN THE CLOSET WITH YOU WHEN GOD SPOKE TO YOU. THEY ARE NOT THE ONES YOU WILL ANSWER TO! THAT SOME PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE WRONG.”

Okeowo also posed the following questions:

“● Is it that these people will pollute your sanctimonious holier than thou atmosphere…….. REALLY?
●That they don’t deserve to be a messenger of the gospel……. DO YOU?
●That you doubt their salvation….. ARE YOU GOD?
●That involving them will be abused by those seeking fame and money…..PHIL 1:15-18 ?
●You foresee that with their professionalism, they might come in and expose our mediocrity……. FEAR OF CHANGE?”


The veteran noted that he didn’t say “with their gift”, adding that Gospel filmmakers have the Gift, Message and anointing but what many lacks is a Serious Minded Approach to the work of our Master, saying many are double standard and hypocrites.

Citing Mel Gibson as an example, he noted that MEL GIBSON did PASSION OF THE CHRIST using UNBELIEVERS yet everyone celebrated the movie, used it for crusades, used it in churches etc.

Okeowo recalled that he grew up watching JESUS OF NAZARETH, saying countless souls were saved at crusades.

He continued: “What about the famous Kendrick brothers? KIRK CAMERON who starred in their film, FIREPROOF is a strict BELIEVER. He still works in Hollywood, BUT USES HIS STAR POWER TO INFLUENCE THINGS ON THE SET OF FILMS THAT HE IS INVOLVED IN. Like he did in the sitcom GROWING PAINS. He is an ambassador of Jesus in Hollywood. Another JESUS AMBASSADOR in Hollywood is STEPHEN BALDWIN. And there are many more. SO WHY CAN’T WE WORK WITH GENUINE AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST IN NOLLYWOOD?”

“We should be careful not to put ourselves in the position of the Holy Spirit. I AM CONVINCED THAT WORKING WITH PROFESSIONAL ACTORS THAT ARE GENUINE BELIEVERS WILL INCREASE THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTIONS, ALL TO GOD’S GLORY. There are GENUINE BELIEVERS IN NOLLYWOOD, who do not prostitute themselves, who live in high integrity & holiness. If you open up your mind, the Holy Spirit will lead you to them. DO NOT LET US BE AFRAID MY BELOVED BRETHREN: It can only get better, It’s a win-win situation, Its all to God’s glory, It’s all about getting d best for God’s kingdom, It’s all about getting challenged to do more, It’s all about the pursuit of excellence.

“I appreciate those who have called me privately in support of this great move. Let’s stand with this MOVE. Let’s SPEAK up, And to those who are SINCERELY & FAITHFULLY following their “THUS SAITH THE LORD” BE ENCOURAGED, BE DETERMINED, BE FOCUSED. Those who may criticize you today will celebrate your success soon. I PROMISE YOU,” he concluded.

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  1. Daddy as said it all. this single quote anw all the qus THAT SOME PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE WRONG.”

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