More reactions rock Kola David Okeowo’s support for Nollywood actors featuring in gospel films

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Not quite long after the post of veteran Gospel Film Director and Actor, Rev. Kola David Okeowo stating that working with professional actors that are genuine believers in Nollywood will increase the quality of gospel movie productions, Nigerians have started reacting to his insinuation.


Recall that Gospel Film News published news Tuesday about Okeowo’s support for Nollywood actors featuring in gospel films. This is coming after he directed Opeyemi Akintunde’s movie, Stepping Into Maggie’s Shoes (S.I.M.S) and featured the likes of Liz Benson, Femi Jacobs, among others.

Below are comments and reactions of people to Kola David Okeowo’s believe:


@Ogbeni Francis Ola

Well I don’t think it’s going to be a good one. Ministry is different from career. They have a career in acting does not mean they are ministering in it. We preach Godliness, they preach sociality. I’m not saying we should rule them out totally but I hope we don’t become the dumping site of Nollywood actors, because to be real, we can’t get the ones at the top to do it for us.

Let me explain this. Odunlade is a good Christian and he is an ambassador of Trophy lager beer. Something Christians preach against. Calling him to act is indirectly advertising trophy beer. And we can’t stop him from doing it because they pay him big.  One thing I will suggest is that if they want to come, let them renounce their involvement in Nollywood or if they wish to help our production, let them support financially. Because the truth of the matter is that, what we will gain in their involvement is bigger financial breakthrough; people get to see our movies more and we earn more. But we can also get more viewers if we have better sponsors.

Finally, I will say we should work on sponsors not actors because what made us to know these actors is good sponsorship.



Heaven doesn’t care about the quality of our movies, it’s interested in the messages we preach and how many lives are brought to Christ. Let secular be secular and Christian movies be Christian movies. We aren’t selling quality; we are more interested in lives that come to Jesus.


@Baba Flame

That is the truth… As many that their life and personality reflect Christ like, we can make use of them. I remember a movie by RCCG National Drama Department that feature Funsho Adeolu.


@Dawodu Oyeronke Sharon

People of God, if you can not involve them in acting, while should you collect money from them.


@PRORESIDUAL Business Opportunity

For me I don’t see any quality Nollywood actors will bring to gospel movies. I believe the quality of any movie has to do with the quality the equipments and the production crew. In my opinion a true Christian will not be an actor in Nollywood. Nollywood actors should be the one begging to feature in gospel films not the other way. I did not see any Nollywood movie that beats Mount Zion movies in quality in recent times,

I stand to be corrected though. No matter how much we try the world cannot accept Gospel movies the way they accepted worldly movies because it carries the message of Jesus Christ. We must not comprise the standard of Christ in the name of giving quality. We should always beware that we are in the end time. May the Lord uphold us till the very end in Jesus name.


@Ecstacy Motion Pictures

Lol….. Did you just compare the whole nollywood with mount Zion’s production?


@Obideyi Iyanuoluwa

Generals good morning,   to mi, sometime ago a ministry host a drama summit , BJ said something I can forget , he said a Christian movie was about to be release , and daddy mike needgv him money to go out and learn for better performance bible say Don’t be equally yoke with un believers i support going to learn from them to increase our production standard,  let just encourage, crew and actors that we have in Christendom, to go out and learn, so that bringing people out of the fold of Christ will reduce. I just believe that Christian  producer do not believe in  Christan cinematographer and actors. …encouragement..


@Ajibola Ezekiel

Well, I think you need to understand David Okeowo point of view before jumping to conclusion and beside, the way God deals with individual is different. We also operate @ different level of Grace. Some people made mention of having sponsored films on Gotv & Dstv, which is good. Do you know that the reason why some Christian artists don’t use Gotv & Dstv is because these satellite TV will edit God in their subtitles and you will not even hear the actor or actress saying it even if it’s a gospel movie cos that part will be muted.


@Dare Fayemi Bshop

That means the likes of Nike Fashikun, Sade Aina, Shade Airebamen, IDOWU Oluwaferanmi, PMH and other notable Gospel Actors are amateurish.

Inasmuch as I don’t want to castigate anybody, I will say the major reason of inviting these people is not about to increase the quality of our productions, because we now have great actors and female actors in the Gospel Movie World that we are even yet to utilize, even talking about Technical people, these people can stand head on with other actors/technical men from Nollywood, but the only reason I see for inviting these people is to give our production a wider appeal, or simply put to make our productions famous, but have we taken time to observe the lifespan of these famous productions, they don’t last long, when it comes out, people will rush the movie, but after one, two months, that is the end of the movie, I have some examples like The Covenant Church and the rest, compared to our Christian Classics, people still ask me to get them movies like Apoti Eri, Emi fun Emi, Olori Ota, etc. Not because they have not watched it before but because they are timeless messages.

In other to give our productions a wider appeal, we must be careful not to compromise godly standard, When Jesus Christ came, not everybody accepted Him, and that doesn’t make him compromise divine standard just to be acceptable to all.



I think you should read Daddy Kay’s article very well. I think those that are drama ministers and Christian filmmakers we understand him, but most of us don’t. It is well.

I just wonder why our people will just be attacking post without going through

It is well, let’s come out of our shell, let us learn and do something better

It is only in this ministry that we have some particular people leading, and others is yet to be in limelight just because of this our way of thinking and argument without not having the mind to learn from everything.

@I’m Paul


Do you realise that these souls you desire to bring to Christ through gospel movies have been so drawn away with the world that they don’t have interest in anything called God or has to do with religion or spirituality. They have seen great movies. They go to cinemas. They know what is happening out there. They know the level of advancement in the movie industry. They have taste for something different from what you are making.

I know you have passion for Christ. I know you want to win plenty souls for His kingdom. But what if those targeted souls do not have interest in what you are bringing on the table. Our movies have wonderful messages that can change lives but those unbelievers are not willing to sit down and watch because they have strange taste that satisfy their craves out there.

Listen brethren, you are saved already. Your spiritual eyes are opened. So you will go for what will benefit your soul and add value to your life. But for the unbelieving guy, the story is not the same. He is blind spiritually. Most of what he does injure his soul the more and he’s not aware of it.

If truly you want to help such a man see the light, you must be strategic in your approach. You must be willing to attract him first before giving him what will change his life.
You want him to see the message, but he’s interested in being entertained. Why not come in as entertainment with convicting messages in movies, attract him to sit down to watch and before you know it, he’s on his knees convicted and repenting in tears.

Folks in gospel film ought to sit back, think and open up to be inspired by the Spirit of God on how to positively affect the perishing world and not just the church because most of our movies are seen majorly by the people in the church.

Listen folks, if a mad man begin to preach and people get saved, will God refuse the repented souls because they were saved by the message of a mad man? Certainly Nay.

Do you realise that we are making wave and taking over by bringing Nollywood stars (genuine Christians among them) into the gospel movies. We only lose when gospel drama ministers are giving up acting gospel films to do secular movies. We have no reason to fear. The one who has the content is the one who influences the actors. What we need to do is to write more powerful film scripts with convicting anointing. A Nollywood actor cannot influence you negatively for appearing in your movie, rather you are the one to influence him. He will be compelled to do what the script says. And by using him, you attract viewers who have not been watching gospel movies, thus changing them.

Remember whatever entertains you enters into you. And whatever enters you have power to impact you and change you either in a positive or negative way.

If gospel movies appear like entertainment so as to attract the unbelieving viewers who want to be entertained but eventually gets convicted and saved by watching, this is better than not reaching them at all.

Beloved, we got to sit down and think forward. This is simply a revolution if you can see it well. I saw this more than ten years ago even when I couldn’t share with anyone except those who are not christian actors.

If your movie is evangelical but you can’t get the unbelievers to watch, what is the essence. You must find a way to attract them. And bringing their loved movie stars into your movie is a good way to achieve this.

If Apostle Paul were to be a gospel filmmaker today in Nigeria, he would not only be using Nollywood stars, he would be using Hollywood stars as well. He was a spiritual and strategic preacher. He was never dogmatic in beliefs and approaches. He would use any strategy possible to get ALL categories of people hear his gospel. That’s what made him stood out as the greatest among the Apostles of his time.



@Omotooke Robert

I am not a drama minister but I am a Christian. I think what we believers should ask ourselves is what is the motivation behind the things we do. If the scriptures say seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all other things will be added unto you. This word stands TRUE till Jesus will come back for His saints. Bringing in Nollywood actors into Christian drama,is it upholding our standard as Christian ministers or reducing. There are so called Christian Nollywood movies that the have sex in the movies,Is that what we want to start adopting into Christian movies. Then how many of the Christian Nollywood actors and actresses have standing testimonies over the years both in their lives and marital lives. Please for those the Lord has called into this ministry,take your stand. The wealth,fame,popularity and influence you are desiring will be added to you. Just stay focused on advancing God’s kingdom with your life and ministry. The Lord keep us all to the end.

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  1. Posh equipment may lie with Nollywood but power of eternal life doesn’t rest within their breast. The have earthly interest in their shoots, whilst the Christian actors have eternal interest. Christian actors and its body should beware not to sell the costly truth of eternal life.
    JESUS DID NOT HAVE A PULPIT WHILE HE MINISTERED ON EARTH. Lets make do with what we have if improvements is a bait.

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