Mike Bamiloye calls on Drama Ministers, Gospel Filmmakers to maximize God’s gift

By Oluwafemi Dosu

The doyen of Christian drama and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is calling on drama ministers and gospel filmmakers to maximize the gift God has deposited in them.

Bamiloye gave this charge over the weekend at the national congress of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM in Oyo, Nigeria.

He noted that Talents are goods which God delivers to his servants and once you are a drama minister, you are called a servant of God, adding that the  gift you carry is God’s own goods, you are just a custodian and God demands that you give him your all, stressing that every area of drama you specialize in whether set designs, acting, writing et are God’s goods. When the Lord returns, he expects 100%yield.

Bamiloye who was speaking on MAXIMIZING THE GIFT OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE (DRAMA MINISTRY) warns that gift and calling are withdrawable; the one talent that was to be wasted was withdrawn and given to the servant that had more, saying no wonder one begins to lose gift he/she refuse to use, adding that when you are useful in God’s hand, your assignment doesn’t end, that means God withdraws from others and makes you work because you are useful.

“Most Drama Ministers scope haven’t gone beyond acting, but that is not God’s purpose. Some are to be directors, others script writers but all must not be acting. There are gifts inherent in us which we can never know until God brings them out. Are you really giving your best? Search out your hidden gift and maximize it. The man who wasted his talent did that because he was lazy and slothful. Do not give yourself and time to unprofitable things. Do away with things that hinders us from MAXIMIZING full potential. Every Drama minister has at least one gift (acting) . God never gives anyone a zero gift. No one can finish the work of drama ministry alone. You cannot tie God down because behind every calling there are destinies that must be touched,” he stated.


He noted that Apart from acting, every Drama Minister must be involved in one or two other areas of the ministry such as Script writing, Storytelling, Directing, stage management, prompters, set design etc.

Bamiloye revealed that ways to maximize potential are:

“1. Attend Drama conferences, seminar and drama schools.

  1. Go to internet and research on your area of calling. You must never be predictable; you must not be satisfied doing one thing. If you refuse to change you will remain in chain.
  2. Visit film locations (by permission) and go to areas of your of your interest and study.
  3. Shoot short stage Drama as stage movies with or without audience, package and present it to your pastor.
  4. Do audio dramas.”

He further said Laziness and slothfulness is the reason so many Drama Ministers cannot maximize their potentials.

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