2019 Elections: Surprises await masses at election- Mike Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu
The doyen of Christian Drama,  Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has stated that there will be surprises at the forthcoming elections, saying the Presidential Candidate that will truly fight corruption,  jail looters across parties, disgrace embezzlers of commonwealth will win the election. 
Gospel Film News gathered that Bamiloye in his write up entitled ,”SURPRISES AWAIT THE MASSES AT ELECTION!” said no matter the manipulations, Irrespective of the propaganda, notwithstanding all political pamutations, above all possible rigging, beyond all thinkable cross carpeting, and all manners of political prophesies and online postulations the right candidate will emerge.
“Hear This! Any one of them, who would truly fight corruptions, jail the looters across parties, disgrace the embezzlers of the CommonWealth, imprison the slave-masters of the downtrodden, repatrate the political fugitives who had stashed  the Nation’s Wealth in Foreign Banks, Impound and seize properties gotten by illegal wealth, and expose all the “IGI-WOROKO TI N DANA RU” (the Storm-Raisers and Disturbers) of this Nation and bring our Nation back to the path of honour; that man shall win the election and be the president of this Nation in 2019,” Bamiloye affirmed. 
He also advised that when the candidate wins the Election, borders should be closed and the Airports manned, so that they would not run away, adding that righteousness will still reign in this Nation.

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